10 Dashingly Cool Living Room Floor Lamps

10 Dashingly Cool Living Room Floor Lamps

Beside of being a smart source of additional light in the living room, the floor lamps are synonym for modern accent in the living area. The floor lamps can be found in any styled living room interior, since they are an inventible part of decorating the interior, and can hold an amazingly modern and bold statement. The floor lamps are the most important decorating items in the living room, and they value is double since they are also functional and useful. You surely know how bold floor lamp can truly stand out in the living room and provide the place with nice aesthetics. We have prepared a super creative list of 10 Dashingly bold and modern floor lamps that may stand great in your living room.

Black and Gold Floor Lamp

Image Source: Zuo Modern

How cool and creative right? This super industrial lamp with cool and creative design and appearance will surely add a unique and bold statement in your living room.

Bold Modern Floor Lamp

Image Source: Uttermost

We love the simple and yet interesting appearance of this floor lamp made of steel with matted pendant. This floor lamp will surely be the main charmer in your living room.

Chic Bold Floor Lamp

Image Source: All Modern

The pinch black color in combination with the ultra modern and sleek design will surely and aboulutetly stand out in the living room and provide it with super cool accent.

Cool Black and Gold Floor Lamp

Image Source: At Hom

The cute gold pendant is really amazing and breaks through the black and sleek design of this amazing and modern floor lamp. Simply astounding!

Cool Industrial Floor Lamp

Image Source: Antiquario

This industrial floor lamp is simply incredible. We love the antique and industrial merged together, providing this floor lamp with super bold and dramatic appearance.

Elegant and Cool Floor Lamp

Image Source: Worlds Away

Here we have something more classical and traditional, but still ultra modern and extremely elegant and beautiful. The white serene appearance of this floor lamp is simply gorgeous.

Industrial Pipe Shaped Floor Lamp

Image Source: Urban Cottage

This warehouse inspire, pipe shaped floor lamp will stand out perfect in any living room that strives to attain cool and unique appearance.

Movie Inspired Floor Lamp

Image Source: Deja Neu Furniture.

If you want to achieve a glamorous ambiance in the living room and outlook like from a movie set in the 50’s then this is the perfect lamp design for you.

Silver Floor Lamp

Image Source: Styling With Light

We love the matted silver material and the exposed texture of this elegant and yet bold and modern floor lamp.

Steel Contemporary Floor Lamp

Image Source: Lumens

The accent pendant of this silver lamp will surely help you to create a contemporary and modern ambiance in your living room.