10 Decorative Giant Floor Vases

10 Decorative Giant Floor Vases

In interior design, when you see an area which looks bare, whether it be a table, a corner or a space, you definitely have to do something about it. First, you have to determine what the style is that you are achieving. If you are going for a minimalist look, then a vacuum is excusable but when you have a different idea in mind, you do not want people suddenly seeing empty spaces out of nowhere. Remember that with home decor, you can do many things to avoid empty spaces. You can add paintings to a wall, you can place a centerpiece on the table, but what about on an empty floor or corner? With giant floor vases, you can solve that problem. Your giant floor vase, from the name itself, will occupy a big area of your floor. You can choose a vase that blends in with your room by being particular with it’s color or details. Check out these giant vases and determine whether you need it in your own living space.

36-inch Tall Bamboo Floor Vase

 Image source: Green Floral Crafts

Here is a tall bamboo floor vase from Green Floral Crafts. You can put it next to a furniture. This vase doesn’t have too much detail to it so you can blend it in with your furniture like an add-on.

Elysian Blooming Floor Vase

 Image source: Touch of Class

Here is a classy and wonderful Elysian Floor Vase. This kind of floor vase will look best in spaces covered with dark carpets. Its elegance never fails to complete a royal, classy look in a room.

Fishing Wall Art Giant Vase

 Image source: Baytree Interiors

This Fishing Wall Art Giant Vase from Baytree Interiors has a rhythmic pattern which you can contrast in a room with solid color furniture or plain prints. It will stand out in a plain room.

Karman Giant Floor Vase

 Image source: Touch of Class

Here is a floor vase that would certainly look good in wooden walled rooms. Its colors match the color of wood and it would not hurt to blend it in. Be sure you put it in a nice location.

Large Silver Ceramic Vase

 Image source: Ebay

This Large Silver Ceramic Vase would certainly have a place in a modern living room. If you have those metallic elements, why not add this vase in a corner which still looks bare, to complete the look of your living room.

Red Glossy Decorative Vase

 Image source: Amazon

This gigantic red glossy decorative vase is situated next to a bench. This vase also has something similar to a giant bowl where you can place your magazines, books or even extra pillows since it is big enough to hold a lot of stuff. This American Cherry color matches red which is also a strong color.

Skyline Illuminated Outdoor Chemist Vase

 Image source: Occa-home

This nice chemist vase will certainly catch the eye of your guests because it seems to be glowing. This color is gradient and would look nice in a light colored living room.

Tall White Vase with Brown Leaves

 Image source: Optea Referencement

This Tall White Vase with Brown Leaves is a classic piece that you can add in your contemporary living room.

Three Giant Vases in Cool Colors

 Image source: Desperately Seeking

Put together two neutral colors and add in a vibrant one to achieve an eye-catching trio of vases just like these vases from Desperately Seeking. Those pieces will look good just before your stairs or even along a plain set of stairs.

White Cylindrical Floor Vase

 Image source: Ikea

This White Cylindrical Floor Vase will fit in both modern and contemporary living rooms. You can put it in an empty corner and even add some artificial long-stemmed plants for additional color.