10 Gorgeous Walk-In Shower Designs

10 Gorgeous Walk-In Shower Designs

When styling a home, and when it comes to bathroom design, lately it is all up to serve the quick life we live, so long relaxing baths in the bathtub are being replaced by the very practical and convenient walk-in shower. Having a walk-in shower is not just the latest trend in bathroom designs, but is also very practical and functional, and serves as a quick way to refresh ourselves before starting the day. Walk-in showers come in numerous different styles, sizes and looks, so it’s all up to you to decide what kind of type would you prefer and that fits your needs. This is why we decided to treat you with a showcase of 10 gorgeous distinctive walk-in shower designs, to inspire you and help you choose one for your own bathroom. So read on and enjoy!

Natural Stone Walk-In Shower

Image Source: BHG

Such a gorgeous and impressive design of a walk-in shower made out of natural stones. The whole ambiance in this bathroom is outstanding, with the mix of stone and wood, contrasting the glass shower doors and the skylight, that create a perfectly balanced and appealing whole. A brilliant design.

Walk-In Shower with Skylight

Image Source: Green Muze

Perhaps this dormer walk-in shower wouldn’t look so appealing if there wasn’t the skylight. The skylight adds brightness and sunlight, so it looks and feels like you’re bathing in the sun. Brilliant!

Pure Walk-In Shower

Image Source: Shower Remodel Ideas

There is a walk-in shower where you can choose to sit back and take your time showering, cause there is a bench incorporated in its design. Its neutral colors add to the clear, soothing effect that allow you to enjoy and relax inside this spot.

Small Walk-In Shower

Image Source: BHG

Very small, but cute walk-in shower. For those of you who don’t have enough space for big walk-in shower, a small and practical one will do the job just fine.

Gorgeous Walk-In Shower

Image Source: Mansion Ideas

This walk-in shower seems like the perfect one for a long relaxing showering. It consists from floor to ceiling glass without any door, oversize shower-head and a bench to sit, and to take your time while taking the shower.

Opulent Walk-In Shower

Image Source: Inter Home Designs

Very chic and lovely looking bathroom, complemented with a simple,yet gorgeous walk-in shower design. The clean and bright shower has a small step to keep away the water from the wooden floor.

Fresh Walk-In Shower

Image Source: BHG

The freshness and airiness in this bathroom is simply adorable. The spacious walk-in shower is separated and closed with floor to ceiling glass door, so it is a steam room at the same time.

Neutral Walk-In Shower

Image Source: Simply Arch

This bathroom looks so airy and bright, and has an extremely clean appearance. The walk-in shower at the end of the bathroom adds to the pure and clean appeal, since it has a special glass without color, so it appears to be invisible.

Vibrant Walk-In Shower

Image Source: BHG

The vibrant patterned tiles in this walk-in shower make the ambiance in this neutral colored bathroom dynamic, and stand out just as much to draw attention, and to be main charmer in the spot.

Inviting Walk-In Shower

Image Source: Simply Arch

The warm color hues on the tiles in this bathroom make it look extremely warm and inviting. Their different design on the other hand adds dynamic in the space.