10 Interesting Bedside Lamps for Boy’s Bedroom

10 Interesting Bedside Lamps for Boy’s Bedroom

Bedside lamp is a useful item for providing the bedroom with dimly light and also adding a cute decorative element in the place. Bedside lamps for your boy’s bedroom can be a great way to both illuminate the place and provide it with a cool and interesting appearance. Nowadays, thanks to the advanced and creative furniture design we can find bedside lamps for boys bedroom in an ample of creative forms and designs. Bedside lamp for boys bedroom can be also an important item if you are building a specific theme in the bedroom so the shape and design of the lamp can adjust in the theme. The bedside lamp can sublime the overall appearance of your boys bedroom and provide it with decorative accent and indeed beautify the room. Below you can check a showcase of 10 interesting bedside lamps for boys bedroom which can give you the idea and inspiration. Enjoy!

Baseball Bedside Lamp

Image Source: StyleCraft Home Collection

Baseball inspired lamp in a really cool and unique design can be a perfect fit for Sports themed bedroom. The baseball bats base adds a cool and interesting appearance of this cool lamp and the baseball textured pendant is just amazing.

Car Shaped Bedside Lamp

Image Source: Ebay

The flat and cool design of this car shaped bedside lamp is truly inspiring and lovely, and most of all it will surely stand out in your boy’s bedroom and provide it with cool boyish note.

Cars Inspired Bedside Lamp

Image Source: Wallmart

This is another car inspired bedside lamp with simpler design, consisting of a pale blue pendant with car print. This is simple and yet cute lamp which can add light and beautiful accent in your boy’s bedroom.

Cool Illuminated Globe

Image Source: Land of Nod

This is really cool and educative bedside lamp in a form of a globe. The illuminated globe will surely stand out in your boy’s bedroom and provide it with cool and fun note.

Dino Bedside Lamp

Image Source: Popscreen

The vibrant blue base in combination with the cute white pendant and colored Dino print make this bedside lamp beautiful and a perfect decorative element for your boy’s bedroom.

Fire Truck Bedside Lamp

Image Source: Cal Lighting

This bedside lamp is utterly adorable and super fun. The fire truck base is definitely the focal point and goes perfectly with the white and blue cute pendant.

Football Base Bedside Lamp

Image Source: ORE International

Here is another cool bedside lamp for a sports themed bedroom. If your little sportsman is into sports more precisely into football the best thing that you could do is add a cool football inspired lamp like this one.

Pirate ship Bedside Lamp

Image Source: Guidecraft

This bedside lamp can surely stand out in your little pirate’s bedroom and provide it with a cool and lively appearance. The interesting and fun shape of this bedside lamp can adjust perfectly in pirate theme bedroom.

Robot Base Chevron Lamp

Image Source: LoliLiving

How adorable is this pastel blue robot lamp. The chevron pattern in a pastel blue color works as a great accent and adds a modern and cute note to the robot shaped base.

The Mighty Thor Lamp

Image Source: Retro Planet

The mighty Thor print on this super cool bedside lamp will surely provide your boy’s bedroom with cool and awesome decorative note.