10 Useful Over the Toilet Storage

10 Useful Over the Toilet Storage

Organizing your bathroom can be done in many ways. You can avail of different types of organizers. Earlier, we have featured shower caddies which you can attach to your shower area so you can organizer your soaps, shampoos and other toiletries. Having an organized bathroom can save you time while taking a bath. You won̵#8217;t have a hard time looking for your favorite shampoo or grabbing the tools that you need for a shave. But what if you do not want anything near your shower because you don’t want your toiletries to get damp? Which we all know happens, sometimes. Well, we have a solution for you. Save space with these 10 Useful Over the Toilet Storage.

Awesome over the Toilet Black Three Level Storage

 Image source: Plapoon

Black furniture or accessories in the bathroom are good for contrasting colors. This technique makes your bathroom look interesting and not dull and boring. This over the toilet storage has one storage that you can place on top of your toilet and you can use the two as floating shelves.

Bathroom Space Saver Over the Toilet Metal Storage

 Image source: Thepdapro

Save a lot of space and store a lot of things with this over the toilet metal storage from Thepdapro. This metallic design can fit in any kind of bathroom.

Brown Multi Level Over the Toilet Storage

 Image source: Soung Wiser

In this Brown Multi Level Over the Toilet Storage, you can even put your picture frame and the stocks of your toiletries. You can make sure that your towels and toiletries are safe and sound.

Charming Floating Espresso Wooden

 Image source: Groovexi

This Charming Floating Wooden Espresso Cabinet has a mirror and is a good place where you can store medicine or toiletries. There is also an added storage for your extra things on top of the cabinet.

Rattan Three Level Over the Toilet Bathroom Storage

 Image source: Quzimex

This Rattan Three Level over the toilet bathroom storage is also a unique idea of using wooden baskets. Instead of occupying a lot of space, you can setup them up on the wall. It is also an added decoration.

Shabby Chic Three Level over the Toilet Bathroom Storage

 Image source: Guata Crazy Night

For an added chic look for your bathroom, and also for some storage, make your bathroom look stylish with this Shabby Chic three level over the toilet bathroom storage.

Two Level Metal Organizer over the Toilet Bathroom Shelf

 Image source: Luxury Home Store

This modern setup is all about functionality because aside from the storage shelves, you can also hang some clothes on it.

Well Liked White Wooden Swing Door and White Cabinet over Toilet Design

 Image source: Groovexi

A towel rack and storage area in one is this White Wooden Swing door and cabinet where you can also store medicine, tissue papers and toiletries.

White Multiple Over the Toilet Bathroom Storage

 Image source: Amazon

This White Multiple over The Toilet bathroom storage has a cabinet for medicines and other stuff. The design is almost similar to the one we have seen earlier where you can also put picture frames on it.

White Wood Over the Toilet Bathroom Storage

 Image source: Shower Room Remodeling

You can also opt for a single shelving if you only plan on using it as a place to temporarily place the things that your holding before sitting down on the toilet, such as your phone for example or a magazine. Makes sense, right?