12 Unique Figurines for Living Room Decorative Purposes

12 Unique Figurines for Living Room Decorative Purposes

We have to admit it that sometimes we are guilty of collecting figurines or action figures and they don’t even get noticed inside the collection cabinets. Some of us would even have to go places just to buy one piece for a collection. Well, this time, you can already have your guests notice them because you can actually use your figurines for decorating your coffee table. Your figurines do not have to be gigantic for them to have a space in your living room or on your center table, you can actually take a couple of them and come up with a theme or put them next to your centerpiece. Here are some unique figurines that you can place on your living room coffee table.

Boston Celtics NBA Zombie Figurine

 Image source: Crazed Outsports

Are you a Boston Celtics fan? Do you play plants vs. zombies? Well, here is a figurine that fit the two together. A nice decoration that will catch your eye when they glance on your center table.

Crystal Dolphin and Baby Figurine

 Image source: Crystal Naples

Dolphins are always admirable and having them in crystal form makes them even more classy. This wonderful piece will look perfect in your living room.

Crystal-Trimmed Candelabra

 Image source: Momndads

For added class on your coffee table which you can also make as a centerpiece, this Crystal Trimmed Candelabra from Momndads will surely be a perfect piece.

Eternal Romance Figurine

 Image source: Tierneys Gift

Moms and women, generally, will totally love this Eternal Romance Figurine on their center table. Husbands can even give it as a gift to their wives.

Forest Gnome Figurine

 Image source: Whole Sale Central

This cute gnome isn’t just an outdoor item. This dwarf from Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs is a cute addition to your fairytale collection.

Funny Wedding Figurine

 Image source: Funny Wedding Toppers

For newly weds or engaged couples, this nice Funny Wedding Figurine is a perfect item on their center table and a gift that they would surely love.

Giant Classic Hippo

 Image source: Peters of Kensington

Hippo lovers will definitely love this cute hippo item in the living room. Although it is not really a figurine, it is something that kids will love and can play with.

Love You Frog Prince Figurine

 Image source: MomnDads

Here is another great addition to your collection and can serve as a centerpiece as well- the cute frog from the frog prince.

Moser Crystal Art Collection

 Image source: Moser Glass

This Moser Crystal Art Collection is a great piece that will complete your modern living room coffee or center table.

Retail Metal Pewter Alloy Crystal lovely Mum and Baby Owl

Image source: Aliexpress

Owls are enchanting animals. As nocturnal animals, they love the peace and quiet that midnight brings. If you want that relaxing and enchanting vibe in your living room, then this piece is perfect for you.

Superman Man of Steel Figurine

 Image source: Superhero

For the Superman fans out there, express your love and admiration for this character by showing off this awesome piece in your living room.

Swarovski Fairy Tales Crystal Wolf Figurine

 Image source: Ebay

What did the fox say? Well, the fox just said that he looks awesome in crystal and you should give him a good place in your living room coffee table.