15 Awesome Candle Table Center Piece Ideas

15 Awesome Candle Table Center Piece Ideas

The center, more than anything else, is always important. All things point to the center as the aspect which every person looks at, the point that catches the attention of people, the point that allows people to reach a state of equilibrium, the point that gives life. When you look at your homes, it is rather difficult to find which part or point of your house is the center of attention but try sitting in your living room and check whether the center piece of your living room is wonderful enough for it to capture your guest’s attention. Why do we need centerpieces anyway? Well, first of all, we do not want to put an empty center table in front of your guests, right? We want them to feel at home and to feel the warmth of your home even. Candles customized in many different ways, are among the most creative centerpieces that you could ever have. Not only is it used for design but it also adds to the warmth of your home, most especially, your living room. With candle center pieces, there is a mixture of design and functionality. You can even just have a giant white candle and design it by yourself according to how you want it to look like. Take a look at these candle center piece designs and get some inspiration for your next centerpiece project. Remember that you have the option to use scented or unscented candles. Scented candles are best but are usually more expensive than ordinary ones.

3 Floating Candles in Glass

 Image source: Interior Clip

These 3 Floating Candles in glass look really elegant. We all know that glass can transform a simple table or even a simple piece of accessory to a classy one and that is exactly what this 3 pc. centerpiece can do. First, grab some white, black and grey stones for the base, then you can pick a white and beautiful fresh flower, and place some small white candles. You can change the flowers once they have withered and you change the water as well. Notice the continuity with the use of white on all of the three levels.

Appealing Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces With Brown Candle

 Image source: Zomdai

It looks like a gift, doesn’t it? Well, that is because it was made to look like a gift. Give thanks during thanksgiving with friends and make this appealing thanksgiving candle as your centerpiece. Feel the warmth of gratitude around your living room.

Candle in Fishbowl Centerpiece

 Image source: Ebay

A uniquely designed candle is this candle in a fishbowl. There are pink pebbles and a pink ribbon wrapped around the big candle to make it look glittery and girly. It looks nice for debut centerpieces or even wedding, but it would also fit in a living room with some metallic details.

Cool Autumn Table Decoration With White Candles

 Image source: Mumu Design

Yellow, orange and red orange, we usually don’t see anymore greens once autumn has taken place but we see these three colors. A change of the season also calls for a change in decoration. When you are not sure what kind of center piece would look good for the autumn season but at the same time, would not look dull, you can use this center piece design from Mumu Design. All you need is a long glass jar, yellow dried corn, artificial autumn leaves, (or you can use fresh ones because they have a certain smell, but be sure you have a tree where you can just grab some more when the present ones have lost their color) something like a metal coaster or any flat coaster not in paper material, a long candle, (about 3-4 inches in height and about 1 and a half in width) and you are ready to make your candle centerpiece. You can vary the amount of corn at the bottom depending on whether you want the the candle to peep out of the jar or not.

Elegant Red Candle Table Centerpiece with Pine Ornaments and Bow

 Image source: Pixootle

Here is a centerpiece that would definitely look good for Christmas. This is the Elegant Red Candle Centerpiece from Pixootle. For the materials, it is easy to look for these artificial pine stems and acorns. Then you will need a red ribbon and five long candles. For the base, you can simply buy a styrofoam that is big enough for you to be able to poke everything in there and your masterpiece is all set. You can do it by yourself and you don’t need to buy the one that’s ready made and more expensive.

Inspiring Christmas Centerpiece Decoration

 Image source: Anni Design

Here is another wonderful centerpiece from Anni Design. This centerpiece has a mixture of red and yellow. It has some artificial daisies and some twigs. Remember that you can make your centerpieces as fresh as they can be by using fresh plants. They can last up to three to four days before they completely dry out. But once you see most of the flowers already drying out, it’s better to have them replaced so you don’t get like a dying flower centerpiece.

Lovely Red Candles Christmas Centerpiece

 Image source: Pixootle

This Lovely Red Candles Christmas Centerpiece is pretty basic. You only need big candles of different lengths, artificial leaves with artificial red cherries. Since they are artificial, all you need is some glue to place them all together and something like a metal plate, then also put glue at the base of the candle and place them on top of the leaves, let it dry. Lastly, when you have put all of them together, you can now put glue on the bottom of the leaves and glue them on the metal plate.

Romantic Rose Candle Centerpiece

 Image source: Receptionfavorideas

This candle piece from Receptionfavorideas looks very elegant and complicated yet is actually easy to make at your own home. You will be needing rose petals, an artificial rose, 3 short glasses, one tall glass or jar, clear pebbles, three white candles of medium size, a small red candle and water. As you can see, you simply have to scatter the rose petals around the center of the table, place water on the bottom of the three small glasses, place the clear pebbles or even clear marbles are possible to be used. The three small glasses are done while for the taller glass or jar, once you have placed the marbles at the bottom, add about 3/4 of water, place the artificial rose, then add the small red candle, light them up, and there you have it, a glittery and romantic centerpiece. You can also place a metallic plate at the bottom. It is optional. The metal plate will make it easier for you to move the center piece to the dining table if you like.

Simple Valentines Centerpiece with Glass Candle Jar

 Image source: Qdlake

Here is a pretty simple, yet delicious valentines centerpiece that you can make for you and your family. Don’t worry about the big jars that we are using here, they are usually not that expensive. For this design, you can actually make use of real candy, just make sure though that the jar is clean and that the candle you are using is also safe or non-toxic. You can grab some really colorful candies at your local candy store and place them inside. Now, before you actually place the candle inside, you can buy a white container just to make sure that wax doesn’t mix with the candies if you are going to use real candies. Place the candle inside then simple add a nice ribbon to the jar and you now have a very interesting centerpiece for you and your children. You can even place popcorn in there! Just make sure that the jar is clean and when your children finally decide to eat the popcorn, then just remove the white cup or container with the candle and they can eat it.

Stunning White Candle On Glass Candle Vase

 Image source: Beeboats

Here is a stunning white candle on glass candle vase. Well, you can actually buy shells which already have holes in them. You can paint them with different colors so they look more attractive and then with a knot or rope (definitely not straw or a piece of fabric strip because they will break easily), just put the shells together, (the shells should vary in shapes, colors and sizes) and place them around the jar. Inside the jar, you can also put a couple of shells so that it doesn’t look empty. Then, finally, add the white candle.

White Floating Candle Centerpiece

 Image source: Pinterest

This nice floating candle centerpiece looks very clean and elegant. Notice that in this design, there is a specific candle shape that is required. As you can see, the curvy design of the candle really makes a difference. But what if you can’t find a candle of the same shape? Well, that’s simple. You can buy a regularly shaped candle and then just melt the bottom until you get the desired shape. Always be careful with the wax. In the Philippines, there is a flower which looks very similar to the flowers used in this centerpiece and it is known as “sampaguita”. You can check other flowers which look the same in your own country. You can choose any shape of flower as long as it is in white.