15 Cool and Unique Custom Headboards Designs

15 Cool and Unique Custom Headboards Designs

A unique and creative headboard can transform the overall appearance of the bedroom and acts as the main decorative element of the room. Due to the minimalist nature of the bedroom, the headboards most often act as a focal point and a striking complement of the room. In case you want to enhance the appearance of your bedroom and you want to try something daring and creative, we have a great idea for you: try custom headboard design. A custom made headboard always come in a super cool and re-purposed design and that is what makes the headboard cool and creative. It’s pretty cool to have a headboard made of old doors, or an open books or even from a window frame right? So if you are up for a custom headboard, take a look at the below showcase of cool and creative headboards design and get inspired.

Chalkboard Headboard

Image Source: Fabyoubliss

Drawing a headboard with a chalk on chalkboard is sure much fun and creative than having a real headboard, right? – This is a really creative idea of how can you add a fun concept in your bedroom by adding a chalkboard headboard instead of real headboard.

Cool Chalkboard Headboard

Image Source: DIY Network

Here is another chalkboard headboard idea, but this is with much unique design and in a more real form of a headboard. The chalkboard headboard will bring a fun and cool accent in your bedroom and will allow you to have fun with your headboard, such as writing cute and funny messages.

Decorative Shelve Headboard

Image Source: Sunset

It will be pretty cool to store your books and decorative elements above your bed right. This shelve headboard looks great and creative but it is also a great idea for storing books, photos and other things.

Dress headboard

Image Source: Hold It Home

This fascinating dress headboard is actually a design of the popular fashion brand Moschino, and this is a bedroom in a Moschino Hotel, but you can use this as a great idea for your bedroom as a headboard. This is a great idea for the fashionista’s and all fashion oriented people.

Fabric patchwork Headboard

Image Source: Freshome

This is an elegant and creative headboard created of various polisthered cubes with authentic and patterned fabric. The patchwork headboard can bring a really sensual and chic accent in your bedroom.

Hockey headboard

Image Source: Etsy

Hockey lovers? – Here is an idea for you, a headboard made of real Hockey bats, pretty neat, right? This is a cool idea for a sport’s themed bedroom and for the people who are into hockey.

Ilumniated Headboard

Image Source: Architecture Art Design

This is a really amazing and beautiful headboard with advanced features. The ilumniating headboard will surely add an exclusive and beautiful ambiance in your bedroom.

Open Books Headboard

Image Source: Bhg

How cool is this idea? – These open books used as a headboard are surely unique and bold element for creating a distinctive and modern ambiance in the bedroom.

Painted Door Headboard

Image Source: Appartment Therapy

Is it a door? Is it a headboard? Or maybe a door headboard? -Exactly, this is upcycled door and transformed into a cool and painted headboard with attached light over the head.

Palette Headboard

Image Source: Instructables

A Palette headboard is one of the most popular interior trends, nowadays. A palette headboard will surely provide your bedroom with rustic and cool touch.

Photo Display Headboard

Image Source: House to Home

Rustic wooden panel decorated with lovely black and white photo is a really cool and creative idea to provide your bedroom with cool and romantic touch and to create a charming appearance of the place.

Pillows Headboard

Image Source: Babble

You haven’t see as comfortable headboard as this one, we are sure in that. Having a pillow headboard will sure provide you with comfort and will add a soft and beautiful note in the bedroom.

Vintage Mirror Headboard

Image Source: Bhg

Vintage and rustic mirror as a headboard will surely stand out in your bedroom and create a dramatic and outstanding focal point in the place.

Window Frames headboard

Image Source: Little House on the Valey

Rustic window frames used as a headbaord is a pretty neat and cool idea in order of creating a cool and lively ambiance in your bedroom. If you are up for upcycling, then this may be a great idea for your bedroom.

Wooden Panel Headboard

Image Source: Overstock

Natural wooden panel used as a headboard is a great and creative for creating a cozy and warm ambiance in your bedroom.