15 Decorative and Interesting Bathroom Wall Stickers

15 Decorative and Interesting Bathroom Wall Stickers

A decal, or commonly known as sticker, is one of the easiest things that you can use for interior designing. Using decals is easier and more convenient. It also saves you time compared to having to paint your walls. Decals, however, are quite limited in design but with technology nowadays, you can simply search a design that you love and have it printed out. Make sure that you get the right resolution or size of the image so that it comes out clear. The disadvantage of using a decal is that you don’t usually achieve patterns. For pattern designs, use wallpaper instead. One of the ways you can design your bathroom is by choosing interesting decals so that taking a bath is an interesting and even exciting experience. Here are some decal design ideas that you can use in your bathroom.

Bubble Bath Bathroom Wall Decal

 Image source: Funny Quotes

Aside from this beautiful, vintage bathtub, what is truly eye-catching is the message of this bathroom decal. Indeed, when you take a bath and have a relaxing soak in the bathtub, you feel so relaxed, it easy to forget your troubles for a short time.

Cute Sexy Woman with Cat Bathroom Wall Design

 Image source: Ebay

This Cute Sexy Lady decal design from Ebay is a funny and paradoxical sticker. It is a fun sticker which might remind the ladies that you are still sexy through the ages.

Dolphin Sticker Stencil Style

 Image source: Ebay

This Dolphin Stencil Sticker design shows a dolphin jumping from seawater. It is a nice design that kids and adult dolphin lovers alike would truly appreciate in their bathroom.

Family of Ducklings Cute Bathroom Sticker

 Image source: Ali Express

Has you child ever heard of the story of the ugly ducklings? Well, you can start telling him or her about that while giving your child a bath or if you simply want to add some color to your white walls, then these ducklings will do.

Floral Relax Bathroom Wall Art

 Image source: Denoxa

When it is time to relax after a week of hard work and study, paste it on your wall just in case you forget that you deserve some good relaxed time and a pat on the back for a week well-done, or just for the thought that it is a Friday and the week is over.

Funny Romantic Wall Decals

 Image source: Wondrous Wall Art

This Funny Romantic Wall Decal is a cute design for a newly wed’s bathroom or for young couples when hearts are still very excited in exploring and doing things together. What do you know? When your wife or husband sees this cute decal, he or she might want to get in the tub with you again.

Funny Toilet Sticker

 Image source: Funny Pictures

Here is unique way to design your toilet lid and inspire you to just lose it. Definitely, sitting on the best seat in the house should be a regular thing.

Get Naked Wall Decal

 Image source: Dh Gate

When all is said and done, there is nothing else left to do in the bathroom than to get naked, take a shower, and slam your body on the bed! This is a very relative statement.

Hello Kitty Wall Sticker Design

 Image source: Room Ideas

Bath time should be a fun thing for the kiddos. They would love taking a bath with this cute hello kitty decal next to them. “Look, kitty is taking a bath . You should take a bath like him as well.”

I Am Strong Wall Sticker Quote Art

 Image source: Ebay

Start the week and each day of the week with words of encouragement. Every woman out there has to feel empowered to conquer a project, to face a boss, to present an excellent presentation. Whatever it is, you gotta nail it, but first, you need to take a bath.

Large Bathroom Wall Decal

 Image source: Etsy

This large bathroom wall decal is purely decorative and reminds you that this room is the WASHROOM.

Minimalist White Bathroom With Flowers Bathroom Wall Art

 Image source: Soung Wiser

Adding flowers to your bathroom wall also adds softness and feminity to the room. Women would love pink flowers, add to that the smell of flowers in the bathroom while a hot, relaxing bath is on going.

Sea Turtle and Reef Fish Wall Decal set

 Image source: Bold Wall Art

Creating a theme in your bathroom is also a common trend. It is very creative and widens the imagination of your children. You can also get decals that match your bathroom color schemes just like this design from Bold Art Wall.

Sea Turtle Wall Decals

 Image source: Not on the Highstreet

Oh look, even the baby is so surprised because of these cute sea turtle decals that seem to be swimming in sea water. It is a nice way to design a part of your bathroom.

Underwater Sea Bathroom Scene Wall Stickers

 Image source: Ode Chair

You can make your imagination work while having a bath by simply closing your eyes and by being reminded of your last summer getaway with the help of these blue underwater sea decals.