15 Delightful Sheer Curtain Designs for the Living Room

15 Delightful Sheer Curtain Designs for the Living Room

Curtains or draperies add color and beauty to the living room. The type of material of your curtains can also control the amount of sunlight entering the room. At night time, these curtains serve as covers for your own privacy. There are different kinds of curtains and each has their own purpose. Some curtains, such as sheer ones, are mostly used for decoration. Sheer curtains can add a soft touch to the living room and also serves as like a filter so that direct sunlight doesn’t enter the room, thus, not making it too hot. Sheer curtains also provide concealment of the indoor. There is another classification of curtains which we call block-out curtains. This type is the opposite of sheer curtains because it is opaque and thick and provides a total blockage of the sunlight from the window. Block out curtains are useful for insulating a room and also for decoration. For this feature, we are showcasing 15 Delightful Sheer Curtain Designs for the Living Room that will inspire you to try them out.

Beautiful Printed Cream Sheer Curtains

 Image source: Window Curtain 2014

This Beautiful Printed Cream Sheer Curtain Design adds charm and elegance to the living room. You will have no problem matching it with the paint of your living room since it is a neutral color and will match any window color or painted walls.

Brown Themed French Door Curtains

 Image source: Iidudu

This Brown Theme French Door Curtain gives a relaxed vibe to the living room. Aside from the sheer curtain itself, it also has a brown curtain scarf which adds to the elegance and style of this curtain design.

Captivating Sheer Horizontal Black And White Striped Curtains In White Living Room

 Image source: Bee Boats

This Black and White Striped Sheer curtain offers a look is neither too feminine nor too masculine. It contrasts with the light pink walls and you can also use the same for solid color painted walls. It will accentuate the living room with its dark colors.

Contemporary Curtain Tie Backs With Black Color And Floral Motif

 Image source: Minnesota Play Book

This Black Color curtain with a floral motif adds a bit of mystery and elegance to the living room. It is tied back but you can let loose the inner layer for that sheer and elegant look of your living room window.

Cool Green Sheer Curtains in White Wooden Window with Laminated Wooden Floor

 Image source: Avihu

Sheer curtains also come in different colors just like this Green Sheer Curtain from Avihu. The color green adds some freshness and life inside the living room.

Cool Light Blue Curtains with Sheer Curtain

 Image source: Avihu

This design from Avihu is a practical use of two types of curtains. You can easily control the amount of sunlight by using only the sheer curtains or use both for times when you turn on the air con to make the room cooler. Also, contrasting the two kinds of colors will look perfect especially on a white window.

Elegant Aqua Blue Sheer Drapery Panels

 Image source: Download

This Elegant Aqua Blue Sheer Curtain is semi transparent and has a thicker material compared to the other curtains we’ve seen. It adds an icy cool vibe to the living room.

Florentina White Embroidered Sheer Curtain

 Image source: Over Stock

This Florentina White Embroidered Sheer Curtain from Over Stock provides for an elegant design in the living room. Since this curtain is lengthy, you can also choose to use a tie back and tie them on opposite directions or tie them together at the center or you can simply push them sideways on opposite directions to have a clear view of the outdoors.

Luxury Gold Pleated Tie Top Window Sheer with Exciting Vintage Small Wooden Side Table

 Image source: Snoofo

This Luxury Gold Pleated Tie Top Sheer Curtain is a perfect way to design your sliding doors, especially glass doors. We commonly see curtains that use white sheer ones and vibrant colors for the black out curtains. The pleats also add beauty to this design.

Magnificient Smooth Colorful Curtain

 Image source: Avihu

For a more fun and lively living room, you can always use different colors of sheer curtains which will have a rainbow effect and will definitely look beautiful when struck by sunlight.

Mizone Taylor Flower Sheer Curtain Panel

 Image source: Overstock

This Mizone Taylor Flower Sheer Curtain Panel adds a feminine and relaxing feeling inside your living room. To make it look more beautiful and consistent, you can match the colors of the flowers with your walls.

Pair White India Sari Sheer Curtain

 Image source: Nidah Spa

This White India Sari Sheer Curtain with gold edging looks simple yet elegant. We love the silky material of this sheer curtain.

Pink Lace Romantic Sheer Curtain

 Image source: Ali Express

This Pink Lace Romantic Sheer Curtain gives a very feminine and girly feeling in your living room. The prints and details of the curtains adds a soft and relaxing touch to the over-all look of the window curtains.

Red Versatile Pleat Curtains Of Sheer

 Image source: Jengooch

We have posted bedrooms in shades of orange and we think that the same kind of theme would look great anywhere in a house. We can’t deny that orange looks fabulous inside a white room.

Safari Sheer Grommet Top Brown Sheer Curtains Set On Small Bay Window

 Image source: Avihu

This Safari Sheer Gromet Top Brown Sheer Curtains adds some texture to your walls and to your living room in general. It would be great if your living room is in a coffee brown to mocha color.