15 Insanely Creative Bookshelves Designs

15 Insanely Creative Bookshelves Designs

There is no need to stress out how important is the literature and the reading in the life of every intellectual and modern person, since reading is the most mentally healthy activity in terms of learning new things, embracing magnificent stories and relaxing your brain. Books are welcome in every interior, there are the soul of every room, since every room with books look warm and friendly. Anyway, it is also really important how you will display your books, because it can influence directly on the aesthetics of the interior. Thanks to the modern time we are living in, we are blessed with immensely creative people who are utterly pushing the limits of advanced and modern furniture design, such as creative bookshelves. The design of the bookshelf can vary from simple and ordinary to mind-blowing creative and fun, and of course the second type will have a much bigger influence in enhancing the aesthetics of your interior. Check the below superior bookshelf designs made by true geniuses. Get Inspired!

Book Chair

Image Source:fishbol

How neat is to sit and relax in a seat that is designed to store your books? – This amazing and extremely creative bookseat will utlimate design and aditional storage for book keeping is certainly breaking all limits of creativity and merges comfort and storage at the same time. With this bookseat, there will be no more standing from your armchair to bring back the book, since the bookshelf is attached to the seat.

Book Reck

Image Source: Agusta Magnusdottir & Gustav Johannsson

This is a really creative idea for book storage. The book rack with attached 12 pins allows you to hang the books on a flexible strings detached with a bookmark that can be moved and replaced as you like. This is a really unusual and creative way to display your books and create a fun and appealing appearance in the interior.

Book Worm Shelve

Image Source: Ron Arad

This awesome worm shaped bookshelf will not only provide you with space to display a mini library, but it will also enhance the aesthetics of the interior and provide your room with a unique and bold statement. This wide worm shaped bookshelf can be a real charmer on the wall in your living room.

Check book Shelve

Image Source: Jongho Park

Read Books-Checked! Have an awesome Checked Shaped Bookshelf- Checked! This super fun and creative bookshelf in a form of the checked sign is designed to store a little amount of books, but it can work for providing the interior with a super fun and creative appearance. Moreover, you can organize your books by displaying the one that you have read them on the checked bookshelf.

Corner Book Shelf

Image Source: Martina Carpelan

This stretched corner bookshelf in the form of a frame can work for a great decorative accessory in your room. The simple shape and beautiful design of this bookshelf in combination with the natural wood material will with doubt, add a modern and creative ambiance in your interior.

Illuminating Bookshelf

Image Source: Tembolat Gugkaev

If you appreciate multifunctional furniture, here is an idea for you: A creative bookshelf cabinet with a lamp and colorful led lights. This is a really ingenious and brilliant design of the young and creative designer, Tembolat Gugkaev which is famous by the flawless designing touch and the immense creativity.

Illuminating Pulseline Book Shelf

Image Source: Måns Salomonsen

The curvy design of this Pulse line shaped bookshelf add to its beauty and creativity. This is a really cool and architecturally advanced bookshelf with aditional neon green lights on the edges that iluminate the bookshelf in the dark. The utterly creative and captivating design of this bookshelf will have a major role in decorating the walls in your interior and provide the place with a bold and unique note.

Letter Book Shelf

Image Source: Pieter de Leeuw.

What can be more symbolic than a bookshelf in the form of letters? – The extremely creative and unique design of this moderate bookshelf is simply outstanding. This letter shaped bookshelves can be purchased separately so you can even create an actual word out of the bookshelves. Amazing!

Merged Comfort

Image Source: Tembolat Gugkaev

Can you imagine something more comfortable than this? – You can try, but we don’t think that you will find, because let’s face it, an attached armchair in a bookshelf. Now, you can read as much as you want without standing, isn’t that just incredible?- This hybrid armchair and bookshelf is a perfect furniture piece for every book enthusiast.

Modular Tree Bookshelf

Image Source: Maria Yasko

This might be a perfect bookshelf design for you if you are a nature lover, but also if you like the symbolism. Is creative and cool to display the books on a tree shaped bookshelf, regarding to the fact that books are made of trees. The superb and advanced design of this bookshelf will certainly stand out in every interior.

Mosaic Book Shelf

Image Source: Eva Alessandrini & Roberto Saporiti

This is a really aesthetically solid and creative bookshelf design with a shape of a cube labyrinth. The super shape and design of this bookshelf will certainly make a great statement in your interior.

Movement Bookshelf

Image Source: Like Cool

This is a really fun and creative movement bookshelf made of clay figures that are with flexible nature, able to attach to the book. This may not be the most functional and rational bookshelf, but it can surely add a fun and lively character in your room.

Puzzle Book Shelf

Image Source: Dripta Roy

This awesomely creative puzzle bookshelf is maybe the missing part of your living room puzzle. The outstanding design of this bookshelf will without doubt enhance the appearance of your living room and provide the place with a cool and creative note.

Thinking Bubble Book Shelf

Image Source: Dripta Roy

Thinking bubble is a great idea for storing your books and providing your interior with cool and creative appeal. The fun design will surely provide your room with lively and cool appearance.

Will Be Read Book Shelve

Image Source: Mebrure Oral

This is a really amazing, and our favorite bookshelf design among the list. The simplicity and creativity of this bookshelf design is just flawless. This bookshelf will surely help you to organize your books in terms of which books you have to read, and will also provide your room with fun and modern note.