15 Modern Floating Shelves Design Ideas

15 Modern Floating Shelves Design Ideas

One of the fundamentals in decorating the interior is managing to create a perfect storage space where you can display your books, decorative figures or framed pictures. Decorative floating shelves are perfect  thing which is especially designed to appear like they are attached to the wall. The floating shelves will provide your interior with sleek and organized appearance. The floating shelves are a great addition to every room and can help you to both decorate the place and enhance the aesthetics of the interior. Floating shelves are an outcome of the modern and advance furniture and shelving design with a one basic purpose, to help you create modern and contemporary home.  The floating shelves are perfect  will surely beautify your home and will work as a perfect decorative accent in the place. We are going to present you a showcase of 15  Modern Floating Shelves Design which may beautify your living room. Enjoy!

Big White Floating Shelves

Big White Floating SHelvesImage Source: Bhg

These  white wall to wall floating shelves with perfect design work as a great decorative element and as  organized storage places as well. The white color and simple design an modern accent in the interior.

Bold Modern Floating Shelves

Bold Modern FLaoting ShelvesImage Source: Lagerlings

The big size in combination with the simple and yet sleek design of this black floating shelve provide this interior with organized and sleek modern appearance.

Bright Yellow Floating Shelf

Bright Yellow Floating ShelfImage Source: Lowes

The open cube design of this bright yellow floating shelve works as a super contemporary decorative element on the wall.

Contemporary Black Floating Shelves

Contemporary Black Flaoting ShelvesImage Source: Lagerlings

The advanced and creative design of these modern floating shelves provide the walls with contemporary addition and create a modern and chic outlook of the walls.

Corner Floating Shelves

Corner Floating ShelvesImage Source: City Home

The corner floating shelves can work for creating a modern and unique ambiance in your living room. The corner floating shelves can also provide you with extra space of the wall for other decorative elements.

Creative Black Floating Shelf

Creative Black Floating ShelfImage Source: Estudio Breder

The creative design and modern style of this floating shelf can act as a great decorative element and can create  a great statement on the wall by providing it with modern and urban note.

Floating Book Wall Shelf

Floating Book Wall ShelfImage Source: Plasticland

The floating book shelves are huge hit nowadays in the interior design world. The floating book shelves will add a super contemporary and unique accent on the walls and beautify the interior.

Floating Cube Shelves

Floating Cube ShelvesImage Source: Hgtv

The bold structure of the floating cube shelves looks really sophisticated and with super contemporary and modern nature. A floating shelves with a design like this can work as a great focal point and beautify the walls in your living room.

Industrial Floating Shelves

Indsutrial Floating ShelvesImage Source: Etsy

The industrial nature in combination with the reclaimed wood  material of this super creative and modern floating shelves will provide your living room with super bold and dramatic accent.

Interesting Wooden Floating Shelves

Interesting Wooden FLoating SHelvesImage Source: Simple Details Blog

The sleek and modern design of these simple and yet charming and modern floating shelves will surely provide your living room with great decorative element and modern accent.

Modern Brown and White Floating Shelves

Modern Brown and White FLoating SHelvesImage Source: Wayfair

The two different colors of these floating shelves breaks through the monotone wall and creates a great statement on the wall.

Natural Wood Floating Shelves

Natural Wood Flaoting ShelvesImage Source: Ikea

These simple and yet amazing and charming wooden floating shelves from Ikea may provide your living room with super modern and contemporary ambiance.

Rustic Wood Floating Shelf

Rustic Wood FLoating SHelfImage Source: Ebay

The reclaimed wood floating shelf works as a great decorative element and provides the wall with bold and dramatic decorative accent.

Small Corner Floating Shelves

Small Corner Floating ShelvesImage Source: Top Celebrety Homes

These small and yet modern corner floating shelves can really work for creating a unique and bold decorative element on the wall.

Corner Floating Cubes

Corner FLoating CubesImage Source: The Fundemental Shop

This is a really amazing way to decorate your wall with super creative and extremely modern floating cube shelves with amazing and charming design.