20 Beautiful Stick-on Wall Hook Designs for Kid’s Bedroom

20 Beautiful Stick-on Wall Hook Designs for Kid’s Bedroom

We know that an intelligent use of space is always a must in every room. That is why every time we decide to take in a new kind of furniture in the house or in a room, we have to first determine whether we have enough space for it. During the rainy season, we take out our jackets, raincoats and sweaters and sometimes, we just use them again the next day. We don’t actually need extra storage for them because we can use the wall and hang them. We need a temporary space where we can place them and just grab them. Same thing goes for the clothes of our little kids. They, most of all, have to be protected from the rain. Whatever kind of season we are in, we have those accessories that don’t immediately go to the laundry bin after we use them. Instead, we just need to hang them dry and use them again the next day. Whether they are hats, scarves or raincoats, you need the perfect wall hooks for your kid’s bedroom so that you save yourself from the trouble of having to go through the closet and look for their raincoats, scarves or hats every single time. Here are 20 beautiful stick on wall hooks that are easy to install and use.

3 Pcs Home White Cloud Shaped Plastic Wall Hooks Hangers

 Image source: Sourcing Map

These cloud plastic wall hangers are very cute for your kid’s bedroom! You simply have to stick it on using a suction cup or a double sided adhesive and you can use it.

Adorable Birdie Sparkle Shape Wall Hook

 Image source: Funky Letter Boutique

This Adorable Birdie Sparkle Wall Hook from Funky Letter Boutique is very durable and also comes in a great pink bird design that little girls will surely love.

Blue Brontosaurus Dinosaur Wall Hook

 Image source: Mollie and Fred

Other kinds of dinosaurs are quite scary but not this blue Brontosaurus from Mollie and Fred. This wall hook is a great addition to your kid’s bedroom.

Cat and Dog Design Metal Wall Coat Key Hook

 Image source: East2Eden

Animal designs never go out of style in a kid’s bedroom. This dog and cat wall hook metal design from East2Eden is a great hanger for your kid’s coat or keys. Adults will love it too!

Childrens Personalized Decor Name Tag and Wall Hooks

 Image source: Etsy

For an added decoration in your kid’s bedroom, have his wall hanger personalized such as this design from Etsy. Not only is the wall hook functional but also decorative.

Crafty Giraffe Wall Hooks

 Image source: Ct Working Moms

Introduce your kiddos to the beauty and wonders of the giraffe! This wonderful crafty giraffe wall hook will look great next to the door or closet of your child’s bedroom.

Cute Little Skirt Fashion Wall Hook

 Image source: Aliexpress

We totally love this sophisticated wall hook design from Aliexpress. You can match it with your little girl’s pink princess bedroom. It is the perfect thing!

Cute Wall hooks from Pottery Barn Kids

 Image source: Sophie

Another set of sophisticated wall hooks for your girls is this Pottery Barn Kids cute wall hook set that will surely charm your little girl away.

Cute White Cat Wall Hanger

 Image source: The Boo and the Boy

This Cute White Cat Wall Hanger is a very gentle, clean and nice piece. It has four hooks and prioritizes the love for cats design.

Fantasy Fields Garden Wall Hooks

 Image source: Fantasy Fields

If your child’s bedroom is in a garden theme with all the refreshing flowers and floral curtains, then you should get this Fantasy Field Garden Wall Hook design from Fantasy Field to complement her bedroom theme.

Gecko Shape Orange Black Plastic Suction Cup Type Wall Hooks Hanger

 Image source: Sourcing Map

If your child is interested with the color orange and fascinated by the thought of geckos, then this Gecko shape wall hook will certainly interest him or her. It is a good thing it is in orange so it doesn’t scare them away.

Girly Black Board with Wall Hook

 Image source: First Cry

This nice girly black board with wall hook gives your little girl a space to practice her scribbles and an added functionality where she can hang her raincoat in there by herself.

Green Umbrella Shaped Suction Cup Hook Wall

 Image source: Sourcing Map

Fit for the rainy season, these green umbrella shaped hook walls will not only be a place where you can hang your raincoats but your umbrellas as well.

Happy Bird Wall Stick Hooks

 Image source: Ecomgear

This awesome Happy Bird Wall Hooks is the best design we have for this set. This design from Ecomgear isn’t just after functionality but is also a great way to design a bare wall in your kid’s room.

Krokig Wall Hook

 Image source: Ikea

For a minimalist look, this simple yet colorful design from Ikea would be the perfect thing to answer to the “hanging needs” in your child’s bedroom.

Luca Nichetto Ceramic Boxes Clothes Hanger Hooks

 Image source: Pompei Hotels

These cute wiggly dog tails are not only functional but cute and funny. If your child loves dogs or animals in general, this design would be great for his or her use. It is ceramic and is definitely of good quality.

Origami Heart Coloured Metal Hook

 Image source: Not on the Highstreet

Put some art and love in your kid’s bedroom by attaching these Origami Heart Coloured Metal hooks from Not on the Highstreet.

Present Time over door Hangers

 Image source: Shopify

Take a look at this modern wall hook design from Shopify. Well, you can notice from its name that it is indeed a design for the present time. It would be a perfect addition in your child’s modern bedroom.

Rainbow Dinosaur Clothes Hook

 Image source: Found Beauty Studio

We got another bunch of dinosaurs in this design by Found Beauty Studio, however, they are half-bodied and colorful. Your child might be interested.

Sass Belle Mix and Match Fabric Bird Wall Hooks

 Image source: Mollie and Fred

Does your child happen to love angry birds and loves looking at the clouds waiting for birds to hover? This really nice fabric piece from Mollie and Fred is something that she will surely love in her bedroom.