Modern Ceiling Light Fixtures

Modern Ceiling Light Fixtures

When it comes to interior designing, aside from designing walls, the floor and the ceiling take up the most surface area of the actual blueprint. Since the floor is all about exceptional tile work, designers have resorted to creating artfully elaborate ceilings. The charm of these ceilings comes from innovative lighting fixtures. The genre of modern ceiling light fixtures is vast and incomparable. It ranges from avant-garde, traditional and contemporary to sleek, swanky and industrial. Today, we will be looking at some exceptionally designed modern ceiling light fixtures that might just inspire you to redo your own interior.

Semi-Industrial Birdcage

Contemporary interiors call for restrained but unique lighting fixtures, and this lantern style lighting fixture fits the bill just right for the specifications of this genre. The organized chaos of its arrangement on the ceiling is unique and deviates from the norm, while its vintage look fits right in with the retro ambiance of its surroundings.

The Renaissance Chandelier

Sia might have written a billboard hit on the oblique concept of a chandelier, but that does not take way from the luxurious grandeur of one in an expertly designed interior context. The chandelier reinforces a very specific ambiance – one that cannot be contrived by any other lighting fixture. A modern chandelier is all about breaking conventions of the past, and as you can see in the neo-traditional interior below, the chandelier makes up the very face of the interior it is set up in.

The Retail Light Phenomenon

More often than not, this kind of a light is found in between the racks of a retail boutique. The very specified glare of its light source can be easily directed and manipulated by the rod adjusted in the ceiling. If this kind of a modern ceiling fixture is affixed in a residential setting, then it needs direction. You can fix it atop the media wall, or the feature furniture set to highlight the are you deep special in your home.

The Pop-Out False Ceiling

False ceilings are not a new advent, but they have become a phenomena of sorts all around the world. A plaster of paris drop ceiling embedded with the latest LED lighting technology is the new norm; and that is exactly what the interior below depicts. The liner formation of lights in the drop ceiling creates a contained ambiance without any physical boundaries. These modern light fixtures create a fourth dimension within the carefully constructed three dimensions of the space below.

The Pendent Light Fixture

Pendent lights are perhaps the most typical modern ceiling light fixture in the market, but its veritable variety of designs is quite exemplary. Below, you will notice the antique pendent light dropping over the couch – not only does it complement the fashion of the overall ambience, but it sets up a dramatic mood that fits the right environ.

The Blow Torch Lights

Hanging light fixtures might be trending around the market these days, but the inherent simplicity of the halogen lights in their cylindrical bodies is modern contemporary at its best. The minimal look of the body of these modern lights fits in seamlessly with the plain, unadorned surface of the ceiling to create the epitome of sleek ceiling design.

The Industrial Overture

Industrial design is all about flaunting the bare bones of design, and this hanging light fixture with exposed light source and simple wire attached to the ceiling is the best of industrial design. The effortless caricature of its design creates a veritable vogue within the ambiance that is only enhanced by the maze like wire pipes running across the rest of the ceiling.

The Gold Maze Design

Another kind of industrial style modern lighting fixture, this one can either be installed atop the ceiling, or even on the side of a feature wall – it all depends upon your aesthetic. The rustic vintage look of its body is very stylistic, and the gold light emanating from the bulbs create a neo-country vibe that would seem interesting in any contemporary setting.

The Truss Effect

Trusses are a structural element that hold long span structures steady. To use them as a lighting innovation is a clever take on modern design. The multi-colored lights attached to the bottom of each truss create a contemporary disco vibe, around which the rest of the interior is carefully constructed. This modern ceiling light effect is impressive and innovative with a high dose of unique.

The Burlap Effect

The contemporary era has given us a one way ticket for innovative material advents. The application of these materials in a modern setting is amazing and creative at the same time – just look at the avant-garde centerpiece modern light in the image below; created in the image of a chandelier, it has a distinctive contemporary vibe that piques ones interest and manages to keep it for a while.

This article doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the sea that is the modern ceiling light genre, but we hope it at least helps to curate some of the best pieces available in the market.