Trendy Interior along the Central Coast Australia

Trendy Interior along the Central Coast Australia

The modern world is an asteroid of urban development – tall high rises, small scale suburbia, and the middle ground of mid rises somewhere in between, along with abstract doses of nature band aids. Together, this makes up the urban fabric of all developed countries around the world – the figurative establishment around the nucleus of earth. This urban fabric revolves around the formation of cities, which are mostly divided into categories – industrial, commercial and residential. While the commercial district has evolved into great vertical metropolitan areas all around the world, the residential sector has been spreading horizontally. Better known as suburbia, these residential districts can be high end to economy. In this article, we would be looking at the trendy interiors along the Central Coast of Australia – mostly observing the allocative suburbia that has been lining the Australian Coastline.

The real estate in the Central Coast mostly consists of lucrative businesses – restaurants, inn’s and hotels – but you can also find neatly made homes of the modern contemporary variety. Australia has 10,685 beaches, so most of these are, naturally, beach side properties. The Australian residential scene has observed a long turnover from traditional to modern over the course of centuries. You will find real estate ranging from Old Colonial to Regency, Georgian to Filigree and Italianate to Tudor – all of these vintage with a few modern quirks. The modern generation suburbia of Central Coast Australia is however leaning towards contemporary, and boasts trendy interiors along with stylish facades. Most of these interiors come with beautiful views of the coastline itself, along with a hybrid sort of dichotomy as far as design is concerned. Further, we would be observing a close critique on these interiors.

Of Indoors and Outdoors

Since the real estate along the central coastline enjoys a beautiful view of the sea itself, it is only natural that this view be an infallible part of the interior. Now there are a few ways to go about this; you can either design wrap around porches a la Queen Anne style, or you can design living areas in a fashion that speaks of an organic conceptualization – a central location overlooking the beach front. In both cases, large window openings are an important design element, but what style you choose to incorporate as the aesthetic would depend on you.

You can either go traditional, with a rustic vibe combined with subtropical contemporary. The interior below is a perfect example of an existing Central Coastline property. The coffered woodwork along with the elaborate chandelier reinforce a distinctly rustic vibe, while the abundance of openings let in an ample amount of sunlight as well as beautiful views of the coastline.

You can also go about designing semi-covered outdoors with an enchantingly prairie style interior setting. The Central Coast property featured below embraces the concept of indoors and outdoors perfectly and creates an alluring atmosphere that is all natural, yet part modern without seeming out of place.

Since traditional is a pedigree of the Australian suburbia, it is only appropriate that some of the interiors lining the central coastline adopt that heritage with a touch of modern? Just look at the beautiful interior below – the aesthetic is definitely classical, but the material palate has tinged it with a distinctly trendy vibe without taking away the integrity of the classical elements. The tall barrel arch windows provide a stunning view of the distant coast along with ample amount of natural light.

The modern aesthetic has been slowly but surely building a firm leverage over the classic backdrop of the central coastline. The property below is an ideal example of such a phenomenon. It may lack in the traditional intimacy of the vintage interiors, but it more than makes up for it with an easy, simple vibe that is austere but not stark. The wide angle windows with the stunning views of the vast skies, the beautiful city scape and the docks are just the cherry on top.

Closed Contemporary

While having beautiful views of the coastline is an added bonus, let us see what the interiors in closed quarters of the Central Coastline are looking like these days.

This property boasts an elegant contemporary style interior that is both simple, and yet not at the same time. While the design is rather unadorned, the accessorizing is what gives it a certain panache. The material palate is a pleasant combination of unembellished and rich – and the entire scheme is contradictory but exquisite.

This typical contemporary style interior is another one along the periphery of the Central Coastline. Though the aesthetic is simply modern, the brunt of atypical décor and bold color palate gives it a contemporary retro vibe.


The Central Coastline comprises of interiors of both old and new aesthetics – but what ties them together is a unique glitz that may or may not have something to do with a common view of a beautiful coastline, along with the currently trending aesthetic of the contemporary style genre.