10 Admirable Round Dining Tables for Dining Room

10 Admirable Round Dining Tables for Dining Room

The choice of your dining set is an essential part to determine its design. Since it is the center piece of the dining room, it is important to be particular with the choice of materials and colors. When it comes to shape, you also have to consider the number of people in the family or projected number of guests for special occasions. Dining sets can stem from simple to vintage. You can even change up your upholstery every now and then to a design that you love. You can have a great dining room by choosing great designs for table cloth. You can accord your table cloth for every season. Check out these 10 Admirable Round Dining Tables for Dining Room.

Bolero Round Table Dining Set

 Image source: Mmfurniture

This Bolero Round Table Dining is made up of classic design pieces. We can see the carvings on the base of the table and the legs of the chairs. The color is unique, somewhere between gold and bronze. We also love the white cushion on the backrest which balances the over all color of this classic dining room.

Casual Dining Room Round Table Idea

 Image source: Ambrosio Design

This Casual Dining Room is suited for a family of four or in an apartment shared with friends. The glass table has metallic legs which add class to this dining set. The colors of the chair are contrasted and to complete this dining room look is the neutral color of the area rug.

Glamorous Glossy Dining Table in Cozy Dining Room

 Image source: Glubdub

This Glamorous Glossy Dining Table set is made of a marble table with light green upholstered chairs. The marble table matches the color of the walls. Over all, the colors of this dining room gives a very relaxing vibe.

Julia Round Dining Table

 Image source: A Freak at Heart

This dining room design from A Freak at Heart is a simple design which uses textured upholstery, a black table with a black base. The upholstery matches the color of the walls of this dining room.

Madrid 5 Piece Round Dining Room Set

 Image source: Article Row

This Madrid 5 Piece Round Dining Room Set from Article Row has an awesome brown colored area rug. We love the glass rounded table and the black base which look elongated.

Rustic Wooden Round Dining Room Table Combined With Brownish Upholstered Chairs

 Image source: Digzine

This Rustic Wooden dining room uses natural wood for both the flooring, base and the table itself. This dining room is simple painted with white walls and a painting.

Scandinavian Dining Room with Transparent Chairs

 Image source: Decosee

Don’t you just love the Scandinavian design? It has transparent chairs which can be glass or plastic. The room itself is dominated with white color and an area rug which is patterned with green and blue.

Stunning Brown Dining Table with Printed Upholstery

 Image source: Decor Ideaz

This Stunning Brown Dining Table has a nice metallic upholstery which contrasts the dark mocha brown color of the table and the chairs. The upholstery also matches the color of the walls.

Vintage Classic Round Dining Table

 Image source: Suuask

Don’t you just love the vintage touch that this dining room from Suuask gives? It has a very detailed design and a metallic print upholstery. All of the elements in this room have a dark and chocolate brown theme.

White Clean Round Dining Room

 Image source: Seco Home

This dining room design from Seco Home offers a relaxing look due to its colors. It also has a spacious dining table ideal for meetings and family gatherings.