10 Modern Dining Room Sets with Awesome Upholstery

10 Modern Dining Room Sets with Awesome Upholstery

A modern dining room always looks good inside the house. What’s amazing with modern furniture is that it looks clean and minimalist. It doesn’t require a lot of detailing. Although detailing adds to the value and beauty of a furniture, sometimes we just don’t see the necessity of having too much details. When we talk about maintenance, small carved details are spaces where dust easily gather, therefore, making it hard to clean. Even though modern types of furniture are a bit costly, they are good investments. Don’t worry because if you choose upholstered chairs for the dining room, you can always have them re-upholstered to the next style that you want. Check out this set of modern upholstered dining room sets to get some ideas.

Black Lacquer Dining Room Chairs

 Image source: Rejig Design

If you like black as the color of your dining set, you can get the ones in in wood and you have two options, choose a glossy type of leather for your upholstery or you can add some cushions and cover them with black lacquer paint.

Brown Modern Living Room with Cushioned Chairs

 Image source: Arabian Horse Dvd

This Brown Modern Living Room with Cushioned chairs and a round glass table is a perfect dining set for a small family. You can also add a white area rug for a cozy look.

Dining Room with Leather Chairs and Round Wooden Table

 Image source: Interior Design Convention

If you prefer being consistent and prefer matching your furniture most of the time, then this dining set from Interior Design Convention is perfect for you.

Elegant Modern Tone Dining Room

 Image source: News Building

When choosing a dining table, we always want to choose one which has a smooth surface that is easy to clean. Remember that you can go for glass or laminated wood and match up your upholstery with the shade of your dining table.

Glass Dining Room Sets with White Upholstered Chairs

 Image source: Deep Not

This classy and elegant, contrasting set from Deep Not is perfect for a modern type of house. The chairs look clean and neat offering a higher back rest and spacious leg room. We love the contrasting tones of this dining set.

Leopard Skin Upholstery Dining Room Set

 Image source: Interior Design Convention

Leopard won’t go out of place in a printed room. If you have plain walls in the dining room and want to contrast it with more texture and depth, then you can go for the leopard prints or dining chairs with patterns.

Lewis Table with Fabric Mont Timber Chairs Dining Room Set

 Image source: Best Sleep Center

In a creamy brown shade is this dining room from Best Sleep Center. It is a mix of traditional and modern colors and overall looks beautiful.

Red Modern Dining Set

 Image source: Interior Design Convention

We can see more length in this chair design by Interior Design Convention. You can notice that to achieve the modern look, we usually put red furniture in a white space or room because it really gives a more modern touch to the room.

Unique Round Glass Dining Room Table in Red

 Image source: Home Design Bee

This awesome dining set design from Home Design Bee has armless chairs and is in a very modern style. Just like in the previous design that we checked, it also looks very modern when placed in a red living room.

Vibrant Leather Chairs for Dining Room

 Image source: I See Cubed

For this design by I See Cubed, we are also dealing with a white room and the furniture is in black. We love the simplicity of this look yet it is very executive and formal to look at.