10 Oriental Style Wooden Placemats

10 Oriental Style Wooden Placemats

Whether you’re dining with family or friends, or even by yourself, you always have to make it a point to enjoy every meal. Every meal, is a blessing, after all. Meals are opportunities where we can bond with the family. If you’ve got an important event coming up, why not rev up your dining table by putting aside your table mats and simply using wooden placemats? These placemats transform your ordinary dining experience to an oriental dining kind of way. A change in your dining table theme might also mean a change in the type of meal that you will be preparing for that night, but don’t worry because most Asian meals are easy to learn and there are many simple dishes that are easy to prepare yet are very tasty. Something that your family would definitely love. For now, let’ talk about designing your dining tables with wooden placemats. Check out our samples for you.

Foldable Wooden Placemat

 Image source: Pure Life Gifts

This Foldable Wooden Placemat from Pure Life Gifts is made of dark, strong and good quality wood. It is foldable and easy to store after use. It’s design easily matches wooden dining tables and yes, you wouldn’t be needing those table mats or runners at this time.

Mossie Distressed Wooden Placemats

 Image source: Give Eco

This Mossie Distressed Wooden Placemat has a cool, vintage design and comes in different colors. This design is pretty versatile since you can use this even on a non-oriental themed lunch or dinner. It comes in several light colors. You can go ahead and check their website to see other styles.

Padat Hardwood Placemat

 Image source: Puji

This Padat Hardwood Placemat from Puji has a really neat and uniform design. This time we can see a design which uses circles, unlike the usual designs that we have probably seen which usually look like horizontal or vertical stripes.

Printed Wooden Placemat

 Image source: Mooi

This Printed Wooden placemat belongs to the simpler wooden placemat designs. Although we don’t see much style in this one, it is customizable and you can have an inspiring message put on it or you can also opt to give it as a gift.

Rattan Placemats Round

 Image source: Ginger Interiors

This Rattan Placemat isn’t a floormat although it resembles one. This round design is a unique and wide design which is perfect for a korean or japanese meal having several plates or small dishes for the main course.

Real Wood Veneer Placemat Set

 Image source: Not on the Highstreet

This Veneer Placemat from not on the Highstreet is perfect for a Japanese dining style. Grab some nice chopsticks and you are ready for a delicious Japanese meal.

Reclaimed Wood Placemat

 Image source: Uncommon Goods

This placemat is very eco friendly since it is made of reclaimed wood. It is a unique design which is also a good way to use extra wooden materials.

Sono Light Teak Wood Placemats

 Image source: Puji

This Sono Light Teak Wood Placemat was intricately hand-made and were put tediously so as to fit together and make a beautiful wooden design. It offers a very neat and uniform look.

Wood Square Beads Placemat

 Image source: Weiku

This Wood Square Beads placemat consists of bigger squares with beads on the corner. This placemat is made of bamboo wooden material and is undergoes a very environment friendly process.

Wooden Bead Silicone Placemats

 Image source: Weiku

Take a closer look at this placemat and we can see something like decorative flowers or stars. Add some charm and style to your dining table with this Wooden Bead Silicone Placemat.