10 Sophisticated Masculine Dining Room Designs

10 Sophisticated Masculine Dining Room Designs

There are tons of girls magazines, web sites and forums that display millions of chic, feminine interior designs, overwhelmed with lovely furniture, elegant and charming accessories, soft decorative pieces… But what about the male population and all the bachelors, who live by themselves and are also fans of fine interior design and enjoy in a nice home decor? Let’s not put them aside and pay a little attention to their desires and needs. Being a bachelor in your own pad probably means that you are hosting dinner parties or gathering with friends, maybe even some romantic dinner, so you might as well do it in style in a gorgeous dining setting. Your dining room decor says a lot about your personality and style so if you are an elegant individual with extravagant taste, who enjoys fine dining and sophisticated design, than you are in the right place. We have collected various elegant dining room designs that are radiating with masculine charm and sophisticated appeal, so feel free to check them out and get inspired in creating your own statement dining spot. Read on and enjoy!

Luminous Masculine Dining Room

Image Source: Icoupie

This gorgeous dining room in a dark grey color palette with white accents displays some unique masculine decoration on the dining table, as well as luminous hanging light fixture that adds to the vibrancy of the space. The light brown wooden floor and chairs warm up the ambiance for a perfectly balanced appeal of an elegant dining room as an end result.

Dramatic Masculine Dining Room

Image Source: Sg-Bstudio

Wow! The splendid design of this dark dining room has left us amazed. The calm, tranquil appearance complemented with deep, rich colors and sophisticated furniture displays strong character and style. The mysterious woman portrait on the wall adds to the amazing overall appearance of this room.

Bright Masculine Dining Room

Image Source: Oraclefox

This bright and light dining room is embellished with some perfectly elegant black dining room table and black Eames Eiffel chairs. On top of it you have the catchy hanging light fixture and in the backdrop – a bookshelf, for an additional charm and appeal.

Calm Masculine Dining Room

Image Source: The Style Matrix

This gorgeous dining room setting with calm and tranquil color palette displays fine, exquisite furniture and sophisticated decorative elements. It gives away a real masculine appeal and charm that is quite engaging.

Futuristic Masculine Dining Room

Image Source: Tonlok

This super-modern futuristic masculine dining room has such a fine design and brilliant appearance, that is extremely attractive. We are in love with the hanging bulbs, that bring and industrial twist into the space and the creative wall decoration that makes quite a statement.

Impressive Masculine Dining Room

Image Source: Just Easy

Our personal favorite dining room in the series of masculine dining designs. This is for an individual with a refined taste and a profound style. Deep, bold colors and sophisticated design, extravagant furniture and imposing stylish decorations provide the splendid, gorgeous appearance of this dining space.

Open Plan Masculine Dining Room

Image Source: Soungwiser

Because of the open plan of this dining space, it looks very airy, casual and appealing. The gorgeous dining table with glass top, the distinctive dining chairs and the hanging lights in dark brown and black hues provide the space with sophisticated, yet dynamic atmosphere. The wall art just adds to the elegance and style of this masculine dining spot.

Industrial Masculine Dining Room

Image Source: Brit

We are totally in love with this imposing, superb design of a modern industrial dining room. Can not even decide what do we like the best: the dark green Eames Eiffel chairs, the massive pendant light fixtures, the old brick wall or the exposed pipes detail. We find the floor very appealing as well, as it rounds the overall magnificent appearance of this urban and stylish dining spot.

Modern Masculine Dining Room

Image Source: Hasiente

Such a modern and minimalist design of a dining room, that radiates with masculine charm and appeal. The exquisite furniture and accessories provide the space with a sophisticated appearance, and the glass wall just complements the already gorgeous space.

Natural Masculine Dining Room

Image Source: Nice Decors

Warmth and welcoming appeal are the first thing that come in mind when seeing this spot. This dining room design complemented with a combo of natural textures and warm hues displays a wonderful inviting setting in masculine style. The whole space looks very appealing, cozy and enjoyable.