15 Attractive Cup Coasters for the Dining Room

15 Attractive Cup Coasters for the Dining Room

We all know how much money we invest to make our homes look their very best. We try our best not to spend on unimportant stuff just to save money for that really nice and comfortable couch that you already picture sitting in with your loved one. And yes, we all understand how much we also want to take care of the expensive furniture that we have at home. Is that mahogany or oak that you use for your dining table? Or is it a very expensive kind of glass? Well, we do not want ring marks on them, do we? Thank God for coasters! Nowadays, using coasters doesn’t have to be boring because there are various designs that are being sold in the market that you can mix and match in your dining table. Check out these attractive designs that we have picked out.

A Cup Of Love Postcard Coaster

 Image source: Creative Tops

It would always be great to start the day or any meal with a positive thought in mind. This A Cup of Love Poster Coaster will remind you to always value all the good things that we have in life.

Assorted Bright Round Drink Coaster

 Image source: Zak

Having these coasters set on your table is like a bunch of colorful legos. Your children will absolutely love these colorful coasters under their cups.

Cat Coasters Set for Cat Lovers

 Image source: Mad About Cats

Awww, how cute! Cat lovers will always understand how it feels to have a cat next to them and even just the feeling of staring at one. Such beauty and tenderness! This coaster is definitely perfect for the cat lovers out there.

Cheers Colorful Coaster Design

 Image source: Pretty Paper Love

For a healthy, fruity start up of your day, this wonderful Cheers Colorful Coaster Design is a nice coaster to greet you a “good morning!”.

Colorful Coasters for Fall

 Image source: Laughing Owl Press

Accord your dining table theme with the fall season with these awesomely printed coaster designs from Laughing Owl Press.

Crochet Sheep Coaster Design

 Image source: Crocheting Conversations

For sheep lovers, those who simply love their cuteness and fluffiness, this nice crocheted coaster from Crocheting Conversations is a perfect item to add to your dining table.

DIY Awesome Pink Coaster

 Image source: Pockets

This creative artsy fartsy coaster design from Pockets is a great addition to your dining table to add more color and art to it. Since it is thick, you can also put some clean pots or pans on top of it.

Mustache Letterpress Drink Coaster

 Image source: Scoutmob

Here is a cute retro look that you can add to your dining table for a change. It is a mustache design from scoutmob. It can also be a perfect gift for the father’s out there in time for the Father’s Day.

Personalized Photograph Coaster Designs

 Image source: Not on the Highstreet

These Personalized Photograph Coaster Designs will give a more personal touch and of course, some interesting personality in your dining table.

Retro Cork Coaster Designs

 Image source: Cape Cod Life

For a retro look, you can go for dark to bright shades or designs in cork. This design from Cape Cod Life is the perfect coaster design to achieve that.

Sausage Dog Coasters

 Image source: Not on the Highstreet

If we have coasters for the cat lovers, it would be unfair to not have dog designs right? Well, these cute sausage coaster design will charm the dog lovers.

Sophisticated Coaster Design

 Image source: Lezleelliott

Are you preparing for a cocktail party or a night with your girlfriends? Use these coaster design for a party where people can really appreciate them because it is just sophisticated.

Watermelon Coaster Pattern

 Image source: Repeat Crafter Me

We know that cloth designs absorb water which means you can avoid the mess with these crocheted coasters and you can always wash them.

White Floral Embroidered Coaster Design

 Image source: Soft Sew

Another design which is similar to the one above is this white floral design from Soft Sew. It is very feminine and will add class to your dining table.

Wonderful Life Coaster Design

 Image source: Gwyneth Paige

Eat, drink, and be married! This wonderful coaster design reminds you that it is never too late to find someone to give your love and to enjoy life with.