15 Dining Room with Chalkboard Accents

15 Dining Room with Chalkboard Accents

Creating a modern interior in the dining room is a matter of esthetic point of view and a matter of boldness while choosing the décor accents. Why choose ordinary, when you can choose inconvenient and unique? –For instance, a new zing trend in the interior design world is decorating the interior space with a rough chalkboard. The nature of chalkboard and its randomness has got a great deal in providing the interior with cool appearance and unique touch. A chalkboard in the dining room may work as a great decorative element and may bring a fun and informal feel in the place. The chalkboard will add bold, modern and creative note and will improve the aesthetics of the dining room. Below, you can check a showcase of bold and modern dining room that has used chalkboard as a decorative accent. Enjoy!

Chalkboard Walls in elegant dining room

Image Source: Faiella Design

The elegant setting of this shabby chic dining room in combination with the creative and bold chalkboard walls used as a striking point creates a really distinctive and daring appearance of this beautiful dining room.

Contemporary Dining Room with Chalkboard Accent

Image Source: Ruhl Walker Architects

The chalkboard in this contemporary dining room with monochrome nature acts a major role in providing the place with fun and unique note. The chalkboard breaks through the plain white appearance and acts as a great focal point in the place.

Cool Modern Dining Room with Chalkboard Art

Image Source: Mochatini

The added chalkboard in this modern and industrial place creates distinctive and fun ambiance in the monochrome black and white dining room. The nature of the chalkboard goes perfectly with white brick walls, which creates scale and amazing visual effect in this dining room.

Cool Small Dining Room with chalkboard Wall

Image Source:TheHyperbalist

This is obviously a small family home regarding to the way of this place is decorated. The chalkboard wall adds a great and creative focal point and provide this family dining room with the friendly and ecstatic concept.

Cottage Inspired Dining Room with stand alone Chalkboard

Image Source: Home Edit

The framed chalkboard adds a vintage and fun feel in this elegant and cottage inspired dining room. The distressed décor of this white elegant dining room, indulge the fun appearance of the chalkboard and merely changes the initial concept of an elegant and distressed dining room.

Distressed Dining Room with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Examiner

The designer of this super modern, minimalist dining room has made a genius move when decided to add a chalkboard wall as a focal point of a white, homogene dining room with carefully chosen materials. The chalkboard wall acts as a striking point and provides the place with ecstatic and fun note.

Eclectic Dining Room with Chalkboard Artwork

Image Source: Corynne Pless

This is a great example of an eclectic dining room decorated in a distinctive and bold way with a chalkboard as a decorative accent. The chalkboard brought an additional fun note in this already light and artistic dining room.

Industrial DIning Room with Framed Chalkboard

Image Source: Home Edit

The industrial setting of this lighthearted dining room found the scale and the perfect balance by adding an oversized, framed chalkboard as a dark and modern decorative accent.

Formal Dining Room with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Frances Newman

The warm and cozy colors of this autumn inspired dining room with formal appearance goes perfectly with a chalkboard wall which acts as a fun provider in the place.

Industrial Dining Room with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Tolix

The industrial chic appearance with an impurity of an eclectic element completes this dining room with the oversized chalkboard which provides the dining room with cool and fun appearance.

Modern Dining Room with Big Chalkoboard

Image Source: Naturally

This dining room looks cozy, cottage inspired and beautiful. The craftsman ambiance in this dining room is visible and smart and the chalkboard acts as a great focal point and the lighthearted element in the place.

Modern Dining Room with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source:Cococozy

A chalkboard wall in a minimalist dining room with vibrant orange accents acts as a great decorative element and provides this dining room with fun and modern note.

Modern Industrial Dining room with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Crown Point Cabinetry

The setting of this lighthearted dining room is impeccable. The white brick walls, the tall dining table, wooden dining bench and modern ceiling light all of them create smart and modern ambiance, but the chalkboard wall is the focal point and the lively element of this place which without will be cold and kind of dull place.

Shabby Chic Dining Room with Chalkboard

Image Source: Sfgrilbybay

The chalkboard in this shabby chic dining room adds a rustic and vintage element. The distressed appearance of this dining room goes perfectly with the framed chalkboard.

Bold Dining Room with Chalkboard Walls

Image Source: Mochatini

This is a really cool and fun dining room decorated with distinctive and bold furniture and dark colors. The chalkboard adds a cool and industrial ambiance in the place.

In conclusion, chalkboard can be used out of the classroom and inside in the dinning room and may work as a great decorative element. We know that you love the chalkboard detail, but don’t sneak the chalkboard out of your kid’s classroom, you can find it for purchase online. See more dining room designs on 15 Lively Colorful Dining Room Designs.