17 Captivating Eclectic Dining Room Designs

17 Captivating Eclectic Dining Room Designs

As you know, we are utterly inspired by the opulent and the whismascaly nature of the eclectic style and its manifestation and influence in the interiors. Naturally, we have mentioned that the main rule in the eclectic style is that there are no rules, which is basically the main beauty of this way of decorating. In the couple of past articles we have shown you how Eclectic styles act in many rooms, and in today’s article we are going to see what happens when Eclectic style is applied to the dining room. It’s almost funny, how this style and the dining room have literally the same nature: dining room is the place where you should be with a clear mind, relaxed, enjoying in your meal and entertaining your guests, and the eclectic style is perfect theme for that occasion. The art of the eclectic style is to attain perfect overall outlook by decorating it with imperfect furniture and to match unmatchable colors and patterns. Therefore, we are going to present you an inspiring showcase of 17 Captivating Eclectic Dining Room Designs which could serve as a motivation. Have fun!

Art Value Eclectic Dining Room

Image Source: Jeffers Design Group

This bright and utterly warm dining room holds huge decorative and artistic palette varying from classical through modern to elegant, therefore subliming in one complete picture of an Eclectic dining room. The exquisite gallery wall works as a statement in the place and contrasting the noise of colors, patterns and mismatched chairs.

Bold Eclectic Dining Room

Image Source: Nate Berkus

The clean and sleek decorative line in this awesome dining room is irresistible and extremely bold. The green velvet chairs complementing the white and sleek nature of this eclectic dining room create an awesome focal point and funky ambiance in the place, and the statement art captures the eclectic appearance of the place.

Contemporary, Eclectic Dining Room

Image Source: Platinum Series Homes

The variety of styles, patterns and profound colors has provided this distinctive dining room with beautiful eclectic appearance. The statement ceiling pendants are creating the focal point of the dining room and providing the place with modern and sleek appearance and the ethnic and traditional carpet soothes up the high end feel and brings a formal and classical note in the place, providing the place with overall balanced and beautiful appearance.

Dramatic Eclectic Dining Room

Image Source: Erin V

The vibrant blue chandelier stands out in this classy dining space and provide the room with chic and glossy feel and matched with the super modern art on the wall and accented dining table create the eclectic signature of this amazing and simple dining room. This dining room is an archetype of a modern eclectic dining room.

Eclectic Chic Dining Room

Image Source: Angie Hranowski

Hranowski known by her gentle and super chic interior touch has designed a perfect Eclectic divine in this sumptuous dining room. The profound and chic art gallery wall works as a great statement wall sheathing the perky effect by the pink upholstered dining chairs and the white round marble table. The animal print rug stands out in the place and adds the Eclectic signature of this amazing dining room.

Funky Eclectic Dinner

Image Source: Cool Hunting

This is actually a dining space in a popular hostel in Singapore but it can serve as an inspiration and idea for creating and extremely youth and creative dining room. The mismatched chairs in bright and vibrant colors are the core of this lively and fun dining room and the spider shaped accent ceiling light adds an industrial and cool touch in this awesome dining room.

Glam Chic Eclectic Dining Space

Image Source: The Photos I Take

The glam chic note in this dining room is simply exquisite. The accent pink wallpaper provides the place with feminine and chic appearance and the mismatched patterned chairs create a great visual effect and eclectic feel in this elegant and classy dining space. The chandelier works as a great focal point and add a chic and splendid feel in the place.

Light Eclectic Dining Room

Image Source: Anne Sage

The natural and rustic feel in this dining room prevails in a subtle and amazing manner. The chic gallery wall sets up a modern and classy setting in the room and the accent transparent chair in a modern shape and form soothes up the cluttered and stuffed appearance and provides the place with a loose and eclectic note.

Lively Eclectic Dining Room

Image Source: Elle Decor

This is an amazing combination of pastel colors and elegant style. The elegant and classy dining chairs in pastel and colorful upholstery create a soft and lively appearance of this place and matched with the extremely bright and colorful area rug creates a fun visual effect and brings the cheerful and fun note in this dining room.

Mid- century Eclectic

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

The decorative palette in this dining room is flawless and perfect with a strict discipline and white noise. The wooden fun dining chairs balanced the heavy appearance of the blue patterned carpet and provide loose and airy ambiance in the place. The gallery wall acts as a great statement and add the artistic and modern signature to this dining room.

Modern And Eclectic Dining Room

Image Source: Simon Whitmore  

This is a really beautiful and modern eclectic dining room. The distressed color palette creates a natural and a breezy appearance of this dining room and the mismatched chairs add an eclectic and curvy feel in the place. The monochrome floral wallpaper adds a soft effect and beautiful texture in the place.

Pinch of Yellow

Image Source: Courtney Bishop Design

The modern yellow dining chair with a contemporary leather contrasting the pastel colored ethnic carpet and the overall decorative panel in this dining room creates a great focal point and works as an awesome striking complement to this place.

Rustic Eclectic Inspiration

Image Source: Mindi Freng Designs

The natural and lighthearted appearance of this beautiful white dining room broke through with pinches of red and cabinet and ethnic and oriental artwork on the walls provide this place with eclectic and modern outlook.

Soft Eclectic Dining Room

Image Source: Living Livlier

The mismatched chairs in pastel colors create an amazing and outstanding focal point in the incredibly soft and inspiring dining room. The eclectic feel of this dining room is attained by complementing different styles, colors and textures, just amazing!

Variety of Colors

Image Source: Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects Inc.

The bold chest floor in combination with the colorful and bright mismatched dining chairs creates super vibrant and lively feel in this dining room.

Avant Garde Eclectic Dining Room

Image Source: Amy Fine Collins

The vintage decorative palette with a combination of mismatched dining chairs and variety of perky colors provides this dining room with whimsical and amazing eclectic appearance.

Eclectic cottage Inspiration

Image Source: The Lettered Cottage

The loose and c0lorful mismatched chairs in combination with the bold and bright ceiling pendants in painted orange copper are creating the loose and the ecstatic feel of this amazing dining room.