10 Absolutely Dreamy Canopy Bed Designs

10 Absolutely Dreamy Canopy Bed Designs

Naturally, bedroom beds come in million different sizes, shapes and designs. Some of the beds are designed to fit in any setting, whilst some of them are created to fit into a particular environment. Keep in mind that whatever the bed you choose, it will most probably define the overall appearance of your bedroom, since the bed is the essential part of the space. So, if you are the mood of creating a dreamy appeal in the bedroom, than we suggest that you consider treating yourself with a canopy bed. Historically, canopy beds were used for utilitarian reasons, rather than for extravagance and decadence, but today, they serve as a dramatic and aesthetic point into a bedroom design. They have four posts that are connected together by rods at the top and usually, over the entire bed are draped soft and gorgeous fabrics that make the bed look absolutely airy and dreamy, and sleeping in the bed – smooth and silky. It makes the whole bedroom radiate with romantic and surreal appeal and will transport you to the land of the dreams with style and grace. Check out some of the canopy bed designs that we collected, and get inspired into choosing one for your own bedroom. Read on and enjoy!

Classic Canopy Bed Design

Image Source: Giesendesign

Take a look at this gorgeous elegant canopy bed! The rich carved wood design resembles the Victorian times style, and the soft and breezy hanging material adds to the dreamy ambiance in the space. The warm neutral hues color combo just complement the already wonderful overall appearance of the room.

Modern Canopy Bed Design

Image Source: Freshhome

This impressive master bedroom is embellished with lovely neutral color palette, soft and rich textures and classy decorative elements. The main charmer in the setting is of course the gold finished open canopy bed which adds to the elegance and grace in the space .

Moroccan Inspired Canopy Bed Design

Image Source: Interiordesign2014

Lovely and distinctive canopy bed design with soft dotted beige material on top. Considering the Moroccan inspired details in the surrounding, such as the hanging lantern, colorful cushions and pouf, and the closet, we get a beautiful and exotic ambiance in this bedroom as an end result.

Romantic Canopy Bed Design

Image Source: Interiorclip

Such an chic and romantic atmosphere in this lovely bedroom! The smooth ambiance in the space is provided by the soft creamy color palette, charming matching floral wallpaper and bed sheets, the elegant chandelier and the effortlessly romantic design of the canopy bed.

Shabby Chic Canopy Bed Design

Image Source: Freshhome

We can’t help but notice ultimate charm into this cozy bedroom design. The fresh pastel colors pledge vibrant and airy appeal, the lovely shabby chic accessories point out the beauty of the details and the simple, yet gorgeous canopy bed just complements this wonderful bedroom look.

Dramatic Gothic Canopy Bed Design

Image Source: Perioclinix

For a super-dramatic and wow effect into your bedroom, do not hesitate to choose a striking and distinctive canopy bed design. Check out this impressive Gothic carved iron bed into this mysterious and vintage exposed brick wall setting. This scene is absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking.

Modern Rustic Canopy Bed Design

Image Source: Freshhome 

How simple, and at the same time how adorable does this canopy bed look? Garnished with that adorable rustic touch, the bed and this whole room radiates with warmth and charm. Such a cozy, welcoming and natural ambiance.

Unique Canopy Bed Design

Image Source:  Archilovers

We are totally in love with this unique designed so-called canopy bed! Here, an awning is added above the bed to create an illusion of canopy bed- what a brilliant and innovative idea! Fits just perfect in this sleek contemporary bedroom design.

Bohemian Canopy Bed Design

Image Source: Stepinit

Feel free to unleash your bohemian spirit and decorate your canopy bed with colors, patterns and beautiful textures. Using rich, luxurious materials will definitely accentuate the adorable beauty of the canopy bed as a focal point in the bedroom.

Gorgeous Canopy Bed Design

Image Source: Homedecordeals

Take a look at the bold statement that leaves this remarkable canopy bed in this modern bedroom. The natural light and the stunning view through the floor to ceiling windows just enhances the beauty of this gorgeous space.