10 Attractive Mini Liquor Bars for the Kitchen

10 Attractive Mini Liquor Bars for the Kitchen

One of the things in home decor or interior designing that would definitely catch one’s eye is a mini liquor bar and how it is situated and designed inside one’s home. It adds life to an already exciting party and also serves as storage for your drinks, ready to be served in case a guest arrives or you decide to host a party. A mini liquor bar can be designed with led lights to make it look classy and interesting. It can also be situated in a corner or against a wall. Bar stools can be matched with the bar table and can also be placed in your kitchen for added design. Setting up a mini bar can be done by purchasing a bar furniture or by having it installed by a professional using the materials that you desire. Mini bars at home are preferably built using wood, stones or tiles. The secret to an inviting liquor bar? Proper lighting! Check out these 10 Attractive Mini Liquor Bars for the Home that we have picked out for your inspiration.

Awesome Black and Silver Mini Bar with Floating Shelves

Image source: Customizeddesigns

This Awesome Black and Silver Mini Bar design from Customizeddesigns features a nice black bar table with a glossy counter top finish matched with silver metallic details. The floating shelf design with led lights illuminates the drinks for that inviting look that is sure to quench your thirst for some booze.

Chic Mini Bar Design with Awesome White Counter

 Image source: Cr3at

We love this Chic Mini Bar Design with Awesome White Counter from Cr3at. The use of natural wood and white gives this kitchen a neutral and relaxed vibe. The mini bar sure is simple but functional. Just add some bottles of wine and beer and some finger food and your party is complete!

Contemporary Hotel Bar Design Idea

 Image source: Galleryhip

Who says you can only find an awesome mini bar inside a hotel? We got this design from an actual hotel and it can serve as your inspiration for mini bar home installation. If you have a spacious area which you think may be used for parties and add to that, a contemporary home, then this contemporary design is perfect for you. Check out the awesome lighting of this mini bar and the classy bar stools.

Corner Curved Mini Bar for Home with Hanging Wine Glass Rack

 Image source: GreenMuze

Don’t have a spacious place for a mini bar? Not to worry, as long as you have a vacant corner, you can situate a bar furniture just like this inspiration from GreenMuze.

Creamy Mini Bar Design Idea

Image source: Pixilis

A mini bar can also function as a coffee area. In this Creamy Mini Bar design idea from Pixilis, you simply have to add drinks or coffee to achieve the look and purpose that you desire. In the morning, you can serve your coffee and transform it into a liquor bar at night.

Creative Home Mini Bar Idea with Brown Chairs

 Image source: Pixilis

For couples who would like to setup a mini bar in their small home, this design from Pixilis can serve as a great inspiration for you. It features a small decorative table and brown chairs.

Excellent Mini Bar Idea with Wall Art and Glass Table Top and Stools

 Image source: GreenMuze

Do you appreciate art, in general? This design from GreenMuze is ideal for artists and artists at heart. It has a glass counter top and white decorative bar stools. We also love the natural wood and white color scheme.

Modern Mini Bar Interior

Image source: Tomodesign

We admire this modern, geometric liquor bar design from Tomodesign. It is simple but the color scheme complements the location of this awesome place.

 Image source: Tomo Design

If you never get tired of wood as your furniture and you love the traditional touch to your home, this mini bar design from Tomo Design is ideal for you. It is made of wood and has shelves with mirrors which make it look wider than it actually is.