10 Awesome Closet Dressers in Shades of Orange

10 Awesome Closet Dressers in Shades of Orange

The color orange is usually associated with the warmth of the sun, energy, vibrance, creativity and enthusiasm. Every time you see the color orange in a room, you feel happy, energized. With the color orange, a room is never boring. That is why, if you feel like you’ve been spending days doing the same old things, or if maybe you have experienced something that made you feel gloomy, wear something orange, repaint your home office orange or maybe add some orange furniture in the place where you usually stay or rest. You could probably use another dresser or closet dresser in your room, and this time, don’t just pick the neutral and ordinary colors that you have been having. We dare you to be bold and energetic and put an orange closet dresser in your room today. Here are ten awesome closet dressers in shades of orange.

Boys Orange Bedroom Dresser

 Image source: I Repair Home

Boys will be boys! Some boys love to organize while some boys just throw away things inside their bedroom. With this Boys Orange Bedroom Dresser, it will be easier to organize your things. You can put your clothes, watches and even your perfume on top of this closet dresser. Yes, even your television!

Complementary Colors Blue and Orange Dresser

 Image source: Sophisticated Junk Pile

Take a look at the color wheel and you will see that the opposite color of orange is blue. They are called complementary colors and complementary colors always look good when put together. This Blue and Orange Dresser from Sophisticated Junk Pile is a lively piece and has a great design too.

Mexican Painted Dresser

 Image source: Bonnie Sir

We totally love this Mexican Painted Dresser from Bonnie Sir because by the looks of it, we know that a lot of energy and skill was put into making this dresser. It has a very detailed hand-painted design which makes it look stunningly beautiful and the colors are very feminine.

Orange Baby Dresser and Round Mirror

 Image source: Green Muze

Baby dressers are used to store your infants things. There can be lots of them from socks, towels, tops, bottoms and even shoes. Since you infant’s things are small, you can easily store them in these drawers. This color is so bright and beautiful that taking care of a child doesn’t have to make you feel stressed. It is also matched with a sunny round mirror.

Orange Campaign Dresser

 Image source: Phoenix Restoration

This Orange Campaign Dresser in a yellow orange color has a very rigid and edgy design. It features four spacious drawers where you can organize your things and three top level shelves for an easy-access to the things that you usually use such as your comb, hair dryer, hair iron, shaves, etc.

Orange Haute Couture Dresser

 Image source: Maisons

This amazing orange dresser from Maisons spells vintage style. It has a modern twist to it because it doesn’t normally use the colors that we see in these types of traditional dressers such as maple or mahogany. You can actually add a modern touch to an old furniture by repainting it with modern and vibrant colors.

Red Orange Tall Closet Dresser

 Image source: Up Down

This Red Orange Tall Closet Dresser was hand-painted creatively by alternating the colors of the handle to the colors of the color of the drawer. Red orange connotes passion and mystery.

Side by Side Yellow Orange Dresser

 Image source: Gros Grain

This Side by Side Yellow Orange Dresser is a great way to design your infant’s bedroom. Bright colors would make you and your baby while you are inside the room. You can even match your rug with the theme of your dresser. This is where you can store your baby’s things.

White and Orange Modern Dresser

 Image source: Sprout San Francisco

This White and Orange Modern Dresser would look great next inside your bedroom especially if you have a modern design. Add more creativity to your room by changing up the sheets to a shade of orange. If you don’t feel like changing up the sheets, consider a change in your curtain color.

Black and Orange Dresser

 Image source: China Photo Mall

This Black and Orange Dresser is very solid in design and has three drawers, just enough for you to store your extra things.