10 Captivating and Stylish Bedroom Ottoman Designs

10 Captivating and Stylish Bedroom Ottoman Designs

Ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can add to your home. They are produced in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and materials, and they can serve as a side table, a small bedside storage, a cushy cocktail table, or a playful extra seating element. Not only do they look good and they embellish the space with their lovely design , but also they are quite useful and handy. In today’s article we are concentrating on bedroom ottomans, their significant role in adding charm to your bedroom decor, and also their practical use. We have collected a showcase of 10 incredibly adorable and catchy ottoman designs to inspire, so feel free to check them out, and to add one in your own bedroom design. Read on and enjoy!

Patterned Ottoman Design

Image Source:Beneath My Heart

This awesome colorful ottoman in geometric patterns is the main charmer in this lovely bedroom. We love how its colors match the those of the bed sheets and the orange accent pillow, and also its patterned design goes hand in hand with the patterned wallpaper. Quite charming, right?

Captivating Ottoman Design

Image Source: Zero Energy

Those charming 3 ottomans give this bold bedroom a funky appeal due to their unique design, which by the way, matches the design of the bed cover. Their lively appearance provides this bright high-ceiling bedroom with vivacious energy, and the contrasting orange accents versus the blue backdrop add extra dynamic.

Zebra Print Stylish Ottoman Design

Image Source: Ladue News

If you want to stun and to impress with your ottoman design, do not hesitate to choose striking animal print for it. Take a look at this zebra printed ottoman and how it perfectly fits into this dramatic black and white bedroom setting. Super-stylish and sophisticated all the way.

Plus & Bow Storage Ottoman Design

Image Source: Fancy

How catchy is this ottoman? We can not get over its olive green velvet texture and the tufted design, and how it stands out in this chic bedroom and at the same time matching a few same-colored details in the backdrop. It is not just appealing, but this ottoman is also a great storage spot, since its big enough to fit a lot of stuff.

Fluffy Chic Ottoman Design

Image Source: Green Muze

Wow! This serene and feminine bedroom is embellished with two fluffy white ottoman designs that are so soft and lovable, it’s blowing our mind! They accentuate the smooth and chic ambiance taking it to a whole different level.

Delightful Colorful Ottoman Design

Image Source: Bombette

There is no better way to add color to your bold and lifeless bedroom, than to incorporate a lively colorful ottoman in it. It will instantly boost the bedroom design, making it more vivacious, dynamic and appealing.

Catchy Ottoman Design

Image Source: Decos Free

These two ottomans with ethnic design provide this bedroom with extra eclectic points. The calm and tranquil setting is perked up with the funky ottomans and the unique drapes design, so the end result is this engaging and unique bedroom design.

Stylish Ottoman Design

Image Source: Elle Decor

How chic can this be? Amazing feminine bedroom setting overwhelmed with stylish and dashing decorative details and those bold contrast colored ottomans… Orange meets purple for an absolute striking and unforgettable appearance.

Striped Ottoman Design

Image Source: Interior Idea

This lovely mint colored bedroom is complemented with beautiful chic decorative elements. One of them is this adorable ottoman design, that matches the colors of the backdrop perfectly and with its striped design adds to the vibrancy in the space.

Fresh Green Ottoman Design

Image Source: Sample Sale Sites

Such an interesting and unusual mix of textures, patterns and colors! With the accent on the fresh green patterned ottoman, this bedroom radiates with unique energy and impeccable design that leaves us in awe.