10 Charming and Cool Wood Kitchen Island Ideas

10 Charming and Cool Wood Kitchen Island Ideas

Considering the fact that the kitchen island is the heart and the mind of the kitchen, its material, style and design are immensely important for the functionality and the overall appearance for the kitchen interior. Therefore, if you’ve set your mind on creating a cozy and family kitchen with bright and natural perk, then we have just the right kitchen island for you: wood kitchen island. The wood kitchen island with surely add a warm and natural essence in the kitchen, since of the breezy and earthy nature of the wood. Reclaimed, Salved, Painted or unfinished, every kind of wood kitchen island can have a big impact in providing the kitchen with charming and natural, breezy appearance. However, we have prepared a showcase of various wood kitchen island ideas, which could serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Creamy Wood Kitchen Island

Image Source: Inspiration Green

The creamy color of this wood kitchen island is just dashingly heart warming and charming. The extra drawers and coblings on the wood kitchen island just contribute to its super sophisticated and beautiful appeal

Dark Wood Kitchen Island

Image Source:Houzz

This kitchen island with a dark wood essence, designed with wide and bold shelves surely works as a main charmer in this rustic kitchen, and provides the place with bold and natural statement.

Modern Wood Kitchen Island

Image Source: Home Designing

Wow! The design of the unfinished wood kitchen island is dashingly modern and creative, which provides this white and minimalist kitchen with perfect modern visual effect.

Noisy wood Kitchen Island

Image Source: Furniture Trend Zona

The dark and uneven nature of the wood kitchen island provides this kitchen with charming and natural perk. The wooden kitchen island surely stands out in this kitchen and creates the rustic and natural cozy appearance of the place.

Over sized Wood Kitchen Island

Image Source: Joetin

We totally love the caramel wood kitchen island which makes it beautiful and charming, but its enormous size makes the kitchen island super functional and perfect element for creating a beautiful and charming kitchen.

Painted Blue Wood Kitchen Island

Image Source:ajchomefinder

The dark wood work top of the painted blue kitchen island creates a nice warm contrast and make this wood kitchen island a perfect element for creating a cozy and inviting ambiance in the kitchen.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island

Image Source:Inspiration Green

The reclaimed wood kitchen island with noisy, colorful surface can surely work for creating a rustic and vintage charm in the kitchen interior.

Salvaged wood island

Image Source:Inspiration Green

We love the rustic and rough nature of this reclaimed wood kitchen island that surely works as a charm for creating the modern rustic ambiance in this beautiful kitchen.

Traditional Wood Kitchen Island

Image Source: Furniture Trend Zona

Here is a traditional wood kitchen island with marble work top that stands out gorgeously in this traditional and elegant kitchen. The drawers of the big wood kitchen island add to its functionality and appeal.

Unfinished Oak Wood Kitchen Island

Image Source: aponovich

How sleek and contemporary is this kitchen island, right? The unfinished oak wood works as a nice addition and provides the uber contemporary kitchen with warm and charming appearance.