10 Contemporary and Sleek Range Hood Designs for the Kitchen

10 Contemporary and Sleek Range Hood Designs for the Kitchen

Range Hoods are very useful inside the kitchen. When you are cooking, grilling, roasting or frying something, it is inevitable to be producing a lot of smoke. Of course, we do not want smoke inside the house because these can adversely affect our health and our children’s. There are different kinds of range hoods or we also call them exhaust hoods. One type of range hood is the circulating type which filters the air and transforms it into cleaner air. While the other type absorbs smoke and releases it outside of the house. It works like a chimney. Getting a range hood installed in your kitchen is a great idea to ensure the health of your family. It can also be an additional design for your kitchen. Here are 10 Inspiring Kitchen Designs with Range Hood.

Astounding Ultra Modern Long Range Hood Style Kitchen Design

 Image source: Innatcascade

Aside form the design itself, we totally admire the location of this kitchen. This Astounding Ultra Modern Long Range Hood Style Kitchen features a long range metallic range hood that gets rid of smoke in your kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Range Hood

 Image source: Coddeeweb

This Contemporary Kitchen Design from Coddeeweb is very modern in design featuring white ceramic chairs, a glass table and a flat, metallic range hood. We also admire the white kitchen island with the sink.

Excellent Wooden Floating Open Shelf Oak Over White Modern Stove Top Under Range Hood

 Image source: Nygeekcast

We love this Shabby Chic design from Nygeekcast which features nice oak furniture, a center oven with gas stove and a small range hood. We also love the floating shelf design which is really amazing when put altogether.

Extraordinary Modern Black Kitchen Cabinets Design With Black And Natural Wood Wall Cabinet and Black Range Hood

 Image source: Dyyana

A black kitchen always looks elegant and fantastic. This kitchen design from Dyyana features black furniture, white and natural wood elements which makes this kitchen really neat! The range hood is just very small in size directly above the stove.

Inspiring Metallic Chair Italian Kitchen Design with Stainless Steel Range Hood

 Image source: Vangviet

This Inspiring Metallic Kitchen Design from Vangviet is the classy, vibrant type of kitchen that young professionals would love. We love the combination of orange, white and metallic elements in this kitchen.

Luxurious Hood Design Kitchens With Modern Furniture And High Technology

 Image source: Irohu

What caught our eye is the great lighting and backsplash of this kitchen from Irohu. It has a great use of natural wood for the furniture and the floor making the kitchen look light, airy and natural.

Modern Small Apartment Decorating Idea With Black Decoration Wardrobe Cabinet And Silver Counter

 Image source: Pacific Ridge Homes

This kitchen design from Pacific Ridge Homes has an awesome tiled backsplashing with a great color combination of mint green and grey. It has a medium sized range hood with glass which makes it look classy.

Modern Range Hood Above Gas Cooktop with Translucent Glass

 Image source: Agentave

Black is also beautiful for a modern kitchen such as this design from Agentave. It has all an all black furniture and a metallic countertop and range hood.

Modern White Kitchen with Metallic Accessories

 Image source: KitchenKraft

This Modern White Kitchen from KitchenKraft is a simple yet awesome design for small families or couples. It is a small kitchen with everything you need for cooking basics.

Tremendous Hood Designs Kitchen

 Image source: Mcgore

This is the most modern range hood design that we have seen so far. It is a flat range hood with translucent glass which matches the modern stove.