10 Creative Pallet Bed Design Ideas

10 Creative Pallet Bed Design Ideas

As you can notice, the pallet has a whole new purpose and function nowadays in the world of interior design, from being a basic warehouse item to being one of the hottest trends in the modern furniture design. Pallets, due to their industrial and rustic nature are being used as part of interior decorating and boosting the aesthetics of the modern home. Reclaimed pallet bed are perfect element for creating a cool and industrial setting in the bedroom. The pallet bed can also work for brining a shabby chic feel into the bedroom and providing the place with relaxing and calm appearance. Most of all, the pallet bed is budget friendly and eco friendly, therefore it makes it logical and perfect element for the bedroom. Check out the below showcase of 10 Cool Pallet Bed Designs which could serve as an inspiration.

Amazing Pallet Bed

Image Source:99Pallets

The dark and rustic nature of this magnificent pallet bed add a sensibility and dynamic ambiance in this beautiful bedroom. The design of this pallet bed is simple and traditional, and the pallet makes it unique and bold.

Beautiful Pallet Bed

Image Source: Westelm

The sleek nature of the reclaimed pallet in combination with its rustic nature, make this pallet bed charming and beautiful.

Bold Pallet Bed

Image Source:palletfurniture

Well, this for sure is an interesting and unique bed made of basic pallet, without any finishing. The simplicity of the platform pallet bed gives a special charm to its appeal and outlook.

Cool Pallet Bed

Image Source: Wabi-sabi

This pallet bed looks utterly chic and beautiful. It has a specific shabby chic charm that could surely boost up the ambiance in the bedroom by adding a natural and cozy note.

Floating Pallet Bed

Image Source:Curbly

Not only that this bed is made out of pallet, but it has also an extraordinary floating setting which makes it bold, unique and main charmer in this interior.

Industrial Styled Pallet Bed

Image Source: Adam Miller Homes

The rustic nature and noisy texture of this pallet bed makes a bold statement in this shabby chic bedroom. The bold, colorful pallet headboard is surely the focal point in this bedroom.

Modern Pallet Bed

Image Source: Decoist

The clean lines and deep color make this pallet bed ultra beautiful and modern. This pallet bed is surely the main charmer in this shabby chic bedroom.

Painted Blue Pallet Bed

Image Source: Curbly

Here is a great idea for everyone fascinated by the Japanese style of decorating. The simple bed platform made of a painted blue pallet adds an outstanding charm of this bed.

Reclaimed Pallet Bed

Image Source: WestElm

The clean lines of the pallets in combination with the light, natural color provide this pallet bed with cozy and natural charm.

Rustic Pallet Bed

Image Source: High Fashion Home

This pallet bed looks ultra cool and industrial due to the rustic nature of the pallets and simple design. The pallets give a special, industrial charm to this awesome bed.