10 Funky Bedroom Accent Chair Ideas

10 Funky Bedroom Accent Chair Ideas

When it comes to the bedroom interior, usually homeowners tend to keep it low key on the decorative palette, which is recommended, since there should be solid energy flow in the place. However, due to that minimalism, sometimes the bedroom results with kind of under-decorated or dull appearance with a lack of statement and dynamic vibe. Well, to prevent that we have a pretty cool idea for you; if you want to spice things a bit and add an item that will pop up the bedroom interior: place an accent chair with cool color and creative design. Bedroom accent chair is a great way to create a bold statement in the interior and to liven up the place. Check out the below list of 10 Funky Bedroom Accent Chair Ideas that could be a perfect fit for your bedroom. Enjoy!

Burnt Orange Bedroom Chair

Image Source: Claesson Koivisto Rune | Modus

The burn orange color and dazzling comfortable appearance of this Mid Cenutry styled chair is maybe the asset that you bedroom needs. This armchair looks simple and rather beautiful, with a pretension to add a charming dynamic statement to the bedroom interior.

Contemporary Gray Chair

Image Source: Patricia Urquiola | Kartell

This black chair with rather simple appearance can be a perfect accent for contemporary or industrial chic bedroom. The uneven surface of the gray cushion gives a nice texture and can work as a cool visual effect in the bedroom.

Cool Red Bedroom Chair

Image Source: Prospero Rasulo | Zanotta

So hot and stylish, right? This bedroom chair with super sensual appearance may pop up in a merely stylish and chic bedroom, and provide the place with modern note.

Green Swivel Chair

Image Source: Dwr

This is a chair that can surely be the main charmer in any neutral toned bedroom that needs specific razzle dazlle element. The green pastel color in combination with the modern design make this wing-back chair a perfect blend of comfort and modern style.

Juju Patchwork Chair

Image Source:Edward Van Vliet | Moroso

This is a really cool and unique chair with patchwork upholstery and will fit perfectly in any shabby chic bedroom that wants to attain a cool vintage ambiance.

Leather Butterfly Chair

Image Source: Loony

Here a great example of how an accent chair like this one with a cool lay-back design and brown leather material stands out in a neutral bedroom and provides the place with cool note.

Modern Plume Bedroom Chair

Image Source: Dwr

The plume chair with rather lime yellow color can fit in every modern bedroom that needs warm and cozy ambiance. The interesting cube alike design can work for a creating symmetric focal point in the bedroom.

Patchwork Swivel Chair

Image Source: Kare Design

Here is another chair dressed in a vintage patchwork clothes with a cool swivel feature. This chair can be great fit for a shabby chic bedroom with neutral ambiance.

Velvet Pink Accent Chair

Image Source: Stivesupholestery

Nice velvet and hot pink applied on a comfy armchair can work for creating a super stylish focal point in the bedroom.

White Shag Upholstered Chair

 Image Source: Glakes

This white chairs set with a shag upholstery will surely add a nice texture in your bedroom and provide the place with soft and beautiful visual effect.