10 Gorgeous Basic Iron Bed Design Ideas For Vintage Charm

10 Gorgeous Basic Iron Bed Design Ideas For Vintage Charm

Naturally, the bed has not only the obvious functional purpose for sleeping, relaxing and soothing but it has also the aesthetic feature to decide the style, ambiance and overall appearance of the bedroom interior. Iron bed design has a specific bulky and edgy charm, it has that paradoxical blend of cozy and cold and is a perfect element for striking a little bit of vintage charm in the in bedroom interior. Although the iron bed come in ample of elegant and royalty design, we at Rilane kind of love the basic iron bed which are utterly simple and gorgeous. Therefore, we collected the most basic but also most gorgeous and utterly cool Iron Bed Designs which could serve as an inspiration and give you some cool ideas. Check out the round up below and enjoy!

Beautiful Black Iron Bed

Image Source:Jodi Foster Interior Design + Planning

The combination of black and shimmery gold of this vintage iron sleigh bed is so cool and appealing. The sleigh wrought iron surely stands out amazingly in the simple bedroom and strikes with profound and vintage charm.


Image Source: House To Home

We love this bed, its sheer simplicity is so cool and appealing, right? The sleigh design and the narrow form give the bed super charming and antique nature which is perfect for creating a country or cottage setting in the bedroom.

Canopy Iron Bed

Image Source:Rizzoli New York

Well dazzled by the utterly bold canopy iron bed at the first glance. So bold and dramatic, right? The tall iron canopy design make this bed a perfect element for creating a romantic and dazzling ambiance in the bedroom.

Charming Wrought Iron White Bed

Image Source: Rigby and Mac

We love the white iron sleigh bed and its charming, feminine design which surely stands out gorgeously in this rustic chic bedroom. The white color gives a soothing effect to the wrought iron and provide the bed with soft and clean appearance.

Cottage Iron Bed

Image Source: Charles Progres

The wide and bold design of this wrought iron bed its perfect for creating a comfortable and elegant ambiance in the bedroom. We love the simple and yet super modern appearance of this fierce black iron bed.

Fancy Yellow Iron Bed

Image Source:  Scout House

So funky and vintage! The coat yellow iron sleigh bed is just perfect for creating a high contrast in the bedroom and adding a super eclectic chic vibe in the interior.

Shiny brass Wrought Iron Bed

Image Source: Meredith Bohn Interior Design

The shinny brass iron adds super elegant and charming feel in this traditional and cozy bedroom and we totally love its subtle sophistication and elegance.

Sleek Iron Bed

Image Source: Charles Progres

The wrought iron headboard adds a super industrial and vintage feel to this beautiful iron bed which we totally adore. This simple iron bed it’s perfect for creating a charming and loose ambiance in the bedroom.

Vibrant Blue Iron Bed

Image Source: Scout House

Wow! So vibrant and modern, right? The blue iron bed with super vibrant and modern appearance has a major role in providing this bed with charming and cheery ambiance.

White Iron Bed

Image Source: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

The sterile design and white appearance of this sleigh iron bed is avoid by the yellow and colorful pillows that provide the bed with charming and modern appearance.