10 Mid-Century Sideboards for the Living Room

10 Mid-Century Sideboards for the Living Room

The sideboard is a useful element for the living room and it works as a great decorating item as well, enhancing the aesthetics of the living room and providing the place with a stylish and beautiful touch. The sideboard is not a fundamental for the living room, but it is advisable if you want to create a modern and classy appearance of the place. We at Rilane, are utterly impressed and enchanted by Mid-Century furniture, since of its nostalgic and post modern nature, the mid-cenutry sideboards are simply exquisite. The design of the Mid-Century sideboard has a specific modern and nonchalant charm. The Mid-Century sideboard is perfect for creating a modern living room with Scandinavian charm. Below, you can check a showcase of 10 Mid-Century Sideboards, that could serve as an idea. Enjoy!

Gunni Omann Sideboard

Image Source: Ebay

The Danish teak in combination with the curvy and funky design of the sideboard will surely work for creating a modern and chic effect in your living room.

Mid Century Modern Sideboard

Image Source: Digs Digs

The design of this Mid-Century sideboard is flawless and awe inspiring. The drawers bring special charm and beauty of this gorgeous mid century sideboard.

Mid Century Sideboard with Chess Drawers


Image Source: Claire Bigbie

We love the contrast of the exposed handles on the caramel brown sideboard with noisy texture. This Mid-Century sideboard is utterly modern and can surely create bold chic note in the place.

Mid Century Sideboard with slide doors

Image Source: Wayfair

The combination of teak and noisy texture with a sliding doors of the drawers, make this Mid-Century sideboard modern and bold.

Mid Century Teak Sideboard

Image Source: Sargents Furnishing

We love the vintage charm that this curvy Mid-Century sideboard reflects. The noisy texture in combination with the pale brown colors provide this mid-century sideboard with astonishing appeal.

Noisy Mid Century Sideboard

Image Source:Ikea

The caramel brown in combination with the noisy texture, make this Mid-Century sideboard charming and can provide any living room with a great statement.

Paul McCobb MidCenitru Sideboard

Image Source: Westelm

The accent doors on the top drawers give a special charm to this amazing mid-century sideboard. The dark walnut sideboard in a Mid-Century style may be a perfect element for creating a chic ambiance in the living room.

Rustic Mid Century Sideboard

Image Source: The Every Girl

The rustic and vintage nature of this Mid-Century sideboard makes it authentic and beautiful. This Mid-Century sideboard can work for creating a retro modern ambiance in the living room.

Scandinavian Mid-Century Sideboard

Image Source: Fantastic Frank

The glossy surface of this Mid-Century sideboard gives a sleek and modern charm to it, and make it a perfect element for creating a modern mid century setting in the living room.

Classic Mid Century Sideboard

Image Source: Elephant and Monkey

This Mid-Century sideboard is simply magnificent, every detail about it is modern and appealing, and can surely boost up the ambiance in your living room.