10 Modern and Functional Kitchen Sinks

10 Modern and Functional Kitchen Sinks

What is one thing in your kitchen that without it, your kitchen is incomplete? The fridge? Nah. Some people choose not to have refrigerators so they can limit the use of energy and they only bite off what they can chew. Countertop? Possible. Without the countertop, it would be very difficult to slice and cut the ingredients that you need for cooking. On the other hand, you can still use the dining table to prepare your cooking ingredients and some apartments don’t have enough space for a countertop. The stove? Yes, definitely, there is no cooking without the stove, but guess what, you can still build a fire outside the house. One thing you definitely would not want to not have in your kitchen is the sink. You need the kitchen sink for every first move that you make. You need to wash your tools, the leaves and fruits that you will be using for cooking. Can you imagine a kitchen without a sink? That would be an unhygienic one! Well, here are some modern and functional kitchen designs that you can place in your own kitchen.

Bean Shape Modern Kitchen

 Image source: Top Dreamer

Drop the traditional kitchen sinks that we have seen in so many houses, nowadays, your sink can come in different shapes such as this Bean Shaped Modern Kitchen from Top Dreamer.

Extravagant Outdoor Kitchen Sink With Mesmerizing Guitar Shape

 Image source: Donghae

This Mesmerizing Kitchen Sink Design from Donghae is a modern charmer or piece in your kitchen. You can even pour some excess drinks on the neck of the guitar and it will simply flow to the bottom. Just make sure you follow up with water because you don’t want ants in your sink.

Luxury Kitchen Sinks With Grey Countertop Black Basin Long Stainless Faucet And Wooden Cabinet

 Image source: Jeremy Kalin

This black basin and long stainless steel faucet is a sure match for this modern counterop with dark wooden cabinets.

Modern Rectangular Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

 Image source: NY Geek Cast

One way that you can maintain a regularly shaped kitchen sink is to keep it spotless. These steel kitchen sinks always look good on black countertops.

Modern Stainless Steel Sink over Black Countertop

 Image source: Euro Fit Direct

This design is almost similar to the previous one, only that it has two basins and is more functional for cleaning vegetables and pots or pans at the same time.

Modest Modern Kitchen Sinks In Two Basin Over Black Countertop

 Image source: Jeremy Kalin

This nice two basin kitchen sink can help you accomplish two things at one time. You can just move the faucet either to the left or to the right and wash the dishes while you defrost something from the fridge on the other basin.

Natural Stone Kitchen Sink

 Image source: Archi Expo

Stone is also a great material for a very natural look for your kitchen. This stone sink design from Archi Expo also matches the wooden cabinets.

Small Black Kitchen Sinks In Brown Wooden Cabinets And Tile Countertop Design

 Image source: Jeremy Kalin

This wonderful kitchen sink design in black color is easier to maintain compared to the stainless steel ones. If you see some white spots on this kind of sink, just wipe it off with vinegar and if it is a tough stain, you can stick paper with vinegar on that spot.

Small Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks On The Gray Countertop

 Image source: Jeremy Kalin

This awesome kitchen with a patterned backsplash looks awesome when matched to the light grey color of the countertop. Steel is to a grey counter top.

Wonderful Mini Kitchen Sink

 Image source: Girls Kitchen

You can also go for the colorful kitchen sink designs such as this design from Girls Kitchen. You can opt to match your kitchen with your countertop to make them look like just one piece.