10 Modern Center Tables for the Living Room

10 Modern Center Tables for the Living Room

In setting up our living rooms, it is important that we have a plan in mind on what kind of furniture we want to use. We don’t have to buy all the furniture in one go because that can be costly. Gradually, you can complete the desired look of your living room. Once you have a plan or theme in mind, you already know what you are looking for when you hit the furniture shop. Among the essential things that catch the eye of our guests or visitors are first, the over-all setup of your living room. Is it contemporary? Modern? Asian? Next, they would start looking at the pieces. We beautify our homes not only for our guests, but first of all, for our families. Check out the pieces in your living room. In this article, we will be showcasing 10 modern center tables for modern living rooms.

Black and White Modern Folded Coffee Table Wood

 Image source: YingXing Furniture

This contrasting modern table is actually made of wood, yet because of the refined finishing, it isn’t even that obvious. The design is out of the ordinary and we love the contrast effect.

Circular Unique Contemporary Coffee Glass Table Design

 Image source: Decosee

Modern furniture are usually easily identified because of the uniqueness of their shape. With the use of glass and curves, the modern table design from Decosee looks very smooth and stylish.

Contemporary Fire Place Design for Center Table

 Image source: Guata Crazy Night

Have you ever seen a fireplace in the middle of the house? Well, only from this modern contemporary design from Guata Crazy Night can you achieve that desire of moving your fireplace to the middle of the room to keep you warm.

Coffee and Cream Modern Center Table

Image source: Art and Chic

Also, one of the characteristics of modern tables is the overlapping or layering such as this design from Art and Chic. Still, with the use of contrast, this center table table looks very solid.

Luxurious and Modern Center Table Design

 Image source: The Maisonette

A metallic base adds class to an ordinary piece of wood. Plus, this design from The Maisonette has a unique symmetrical metallic base and is low raise which makes it look modern classy.

Modern Coffee Table

 Image source: Hot Nick

Notice how the designer of this wonderful furniture has created a rectangular space for magazines or big books. It also has a fine finish and sharp, rectangular edges.

Modern Low Rise Cream Center Table Design

 Image source: Decorating Dream

Modern furniture is much appreciated for its neatness and smoothness. This low rise table in cream color from Decorating Dream comes in a pair with the other one slightly lower.

Modern Low Rise Moccha Center Table

 Image source: Furniture Dir

For a wider living room space, you can place rectangular modern tables. You can match it with your area rug or even your sofas.

Outstanding Wenge Zebrano Finish Modern Coffee Table

 Image source: Reyhan

For more storage or if sometimes you do not have time to fix your clutter after working on something on your centertable, this modern dual-level design from Reyhan will give your mess some temporary coverage.

Ruby Red Glass and Stainless Steel Foot Center Table

 Image source: Dreieck

This Ruby Red Modern Center Table would definitely fit in in a red-white modern living room. The glass top of this table complements the ruby red giving it more class and style.