10 Sleek Bedroom Dresser with Clean Lines

10 Sleek Bedroom Dresser with Clean Lines

When you choose a modern and contemporary setting for the bedroom that means that every element and item in the interior has to be with advanced and sleek design, reflecting modern and contemporary nature. The bedroom dresser is one of the fundamentals of a neat and modern bedroom, therefore it is really important to choose wise. Regarding to the style and color scheme the range of bedroom dresser is wide and there is an ample of various styled sleek bedroom dresser. Bedroom dresser with clean lines will most likely create a sleek and contemporary appearance in the bedroom and help you enhance the aesthetics of the overall bedroom outlook. The bedroom dresser with clean lines is a great choice for creating a clean and sleek feel in the bedroom interior. Below you can check a showcase of 10 Sleek Bedroom Dressers with Clean Lines.

Black Bedroom Dresser

Image Source: target

The black color in combination with the glossy finishing and sleek, symmetrical design with clean and neat lines make this bedroom dresser a perfect element for bold, modern bedroom.

Cool Patchwork Dresser

Image Source: David Design

The chests in a different wood material and size makes an interesting visual effect and makes this bedroom dresser super creative and fun.

Espirit Bedroom Dresser

Image Source: All Modern

The light colored wood works for this big sized dresser with symmetric and clean lined drawers with a natural and yet modern design this bedroom dresser will rather fit in a contemporary shabby chic bedroom.

Mid Century Bedroom Dresser

Image Source: Blu Dot

The teak is the most typical material for Mid-Century dresser, and this Mid-Century Teak Dresser with a sleek and contemporary surface can create an amazing statement in your bedroom.

Modern Bedroom Dresser

Image Source: Revitalized Artistry

We love the curvy wood panel above the white sleek foundation, it makes this bedroom dresser shabby chic and reflecting a really bright and modern ambiance.

Noisy Bedroom Dresser

Image Source: The Interior Gallery

The contrast of light and dark wood creates a nice balance and provides this beautiful bedroom dresser with relaxing and warm note.

Patchwork Bedroom Dresser

Image Source: West Elm

Here is another bedroom dresser with multicolored chest drawers that create an interesting and vintage look of the bedroom dresser.

Sleek White Bedroom Dresser

Image Source: West Elm

The white color in combination with the glossy finish and clean lines, make this beautiful bedroom dresser sleek and modern.

Walnut Square Bedroom Dresser

Image Source: Rossetto

The various size of the chest drawers in combination with the light colored wood make this bedroom dresser natural and cheery.

White Glossy Bedroom Dresser

Image Source: All Modern

This is a really contemporary and sleek bedroom dresser in a white and beautiful design.