10 Useful Bakers Rack Design Ideas

10 Useful Bakers Rack Design Ideas

Initially made for cooling baked goods, the baker racks has changed its purpose, but has increased its popularity as a decorative storage in the kitchen and the diner. The bakers rack usually done as a combination of wood and iron has become from a regular decorative shelve to a super accessory in the kitchen. The bakers rack is great for storing plates, dishes or even wine, and for sure it can be a great decorative element in your kitchen, and every kitchen can use an extra storage space. The bakers rack can be a great addition to the cabinets and provide an elegant and French feel in the kitchen. We are going to present you a showcase of 10 Bakers rack designs which could find a great place in your kitchen. Enjoy!

Bakers Rack with Wicker Rattan

Image Source: Amazon

The dark color of the wicker rattan adapts perfectly with the dark, bold iron and creates an elegant and a serious ambiance in this kitchen. The design of this classical and yet modern bakers rack is flexible and it will easily adapt in every kind of kitchen style.

Big Wrought Iron Bakers Rack

Image Source: Jgetzan

The big size of this wrought ironed bakers rake adds to its functionality and the wooden shelves enhanced the aesthetics of the same. This beautiful bakers rack will surely adapt in kitchen of any style and may improve the aesthetics of the interior and work as a great decorative element in the kitchen.

Chrome Metal Bakers Rack

Image Source: Wayfair

The industrial appearance of this small metal bakers rack with simple and yet modern design of the shelves may provide your kitchen with a modern decorative accent.

Classy Bakers Rack Design

Image Source: Amish Furniture Store

This is an Amish inspired bakers rack and its design, its extremely authentic and unique. The combination of the valued wood with wrought iron adds to the appearance of the bakers rack and provide the same with the beautiful and charming note.

French Large Bakers Rack

Image Source: India Mart

The French note in this dark wooden bakers rack is adorable. The flawless design and beautiful appearance of this bakers rack will surely enhance the aesthetics in your kitchen.

Modern Bakers Rack

Image Source: Design Center Furniture

This is an amazing bakers rack, the simple design, the big and wide wooden shelves, matching the black iron mash provide the bakers rack with modern, industrial and perfect appearance.

Oak and Iron Bakers Rack

Image Source: Amazon

The modern design of this bakers rack will surely work as a great decorative element in your kitchen or dinning room. The oak drawers add a natural and elegant note at this amazing bakers rack.

White Wooden Bakers Rack

Image Source: Bhg

This white wooden bakers rack has a perfect design and French modern and elegant note.

Wooden Bakers Rack

Image Source: Furniture Near

The rustic wooden cabinet in combination with the wrought iron provides this bakers rack with modern and elegant appearance. This bakers rack can work as a great accessory in your kitchen.

Wrought Iron Bakers Rack

Image Source: Wrought Iron Mood

This bakers rack has a really modern and elegant appearance and may work as a great decorative element in your kitchen.