10 White Console Tables For the Hallways

10 White Console Tables For the Hallways

Console tables are useful in many ways. They add beauty and design to an empty and spacious hallway. Console tables are usually placed against the wall for design and added support. They also serve us in different ways like for extra storage, for a place where we can leave messages or things for people who are about to leave the house. When placed near the window, it can be used to hold a flower vase or a nice art piece. You can also place your console tables next to the door where you can place messages or stuff that some of your family members need to bring upon leaving the house. Console tables are usually narrow but there are those designed to be longer to fill in empty spaces in hallways. Depending on the purpose that you want to achieve, you can always find a console table that’s perfect for your home. White is a safe color. It gives a clean look and even elegance depending on the design of your furniture. You can place it anywhere in the house and it would look fine.

Aspen Compact Console Table

 Image source: Mypad

This Aspen Compact Console Table is one of the narrow designs. It is a combination of white and wood. There are also two drawers where you can store some books or tools.

Cindy White Console Table

 Image source: Rakuten

This long-legged white console table can be placed along the hallways. You can place a giant painting or framed image to strike balance. You can match the size of the paint to the size of the console table or you can choose a slightly smaller one. Otherwise, you can also place vases and figurines, depending on your style. Of course, you don’t want to over do it, otherwise, it will look cluttered and crowded.

Domino Console Table in White

 Image source: 2920Home

This Domino Console Table in White is modern in style. It has a glossy finish which looks nice in broad daylight and is also easy to clean. There are also other colors available such as mahogany, black and brown.

Modern Console Table

 Image source: National Furniture Supply

This Modern Console Table easily matches the white living room. It looks solid when put against a white wall.

Modern Design Dressing Table

 Image source: Ebay

This modern console table looks pretty simple. It has a glossy finish and it is the shape that makes it look unique.

Oliver Console Table

 Image source: Furniture Shopping

You can put this console table against the wall to make the room look classier with the use of metal for the legs of this table.

Pacific Lifestyle Antique White Wood Shelved Console Table

 Image source: Ebay

This console table, as compared to the others is longer and more functional. You can put many items on the first and second levels. Because it is white in color, it doesn’t look too laid back in style.

White Gloss Console Table

 Image source: Ebay

This white console table looks even more elegant with the glossy finish and the shape of its legs. The curvy edges make it look classy.

French Vintage Style White Two Drawer Wooden Hall Console Table

 Image source: Amazon

This table is also a bit traditional in style but because of the white color, it is neutralized. It has a floral handle which gives a soft touch to it.

Kimmie Hall Console Table

 Image source: Modgsi

When you aren’t planning to put so much on your console table, which usually happens, you can get this Kimmie Hall Console Table from Modgsi. It is a bit triangular in shape and is narrower. You can put a mirror on top of it and it can also fit in small corners.