12 Floral Pattern Sofa Designs

12 Floral Pattern Sofa Designs

Everywhere we go and in everything that we do, we sit down. According to one of Facebook’s featured videos, chairs connect us. Whether we go shopping or strolling in the park, one way or another, at any time, we have to sit down. All people do this. It only means that we are made to rest. Rest is an essential part of us in order for us to be able to do our jobs well everyday. Our homes are the best resting places that we can ever have. If you take a look at your living room now, does it look comfortable? Does it look like a place where you can sit down, rest and even daydream? Does your sofa, upon looking at it, convey a message of relaxation and rest? Well, if your answers to those questions are all no, then this is high time for you to get a new sofa! Why? Because the sofa is the most basic place where you can sit down to rest. We do not have to sleep in order to rest. What you need is a comfortable sofa that will bring you the much needed rest or even a short break that you deserve. Floral prints always convey a feeling of coolness. When we see floral prints, it reminds us of the feeling of lightness and calmness. It smells good and looks good that is why most people love the smell of flowers. Here are some sofas that we have gathered which come in floral prints and patterns.

Floral Pattern Fabric Traditional Sofa

 Image source: Furniture Depot

We don’t know if you would agree, but this sofa looks very relaxing. In fact, the fabric can be used as a design for a girl’s dress and she would look really beautiful and feminine. The colors used are very light and soft. This floral pattern sofa looks very cool and comfortable to the eyes.

Lane Magnolia Stationary Sofa Set

 Image source: Ifurn

This style of sofa doesn’t look very cool to the eyes, however, people who love vintage would definitely love this style. It would look great if your living room uses a lot of earth tones.

Mint Green Floral Design

 Image source: Wing Nerd

This Mint Green Floral Design looks just right. It is neither too vibrant nor too light. The style is also just right when you do not want your sofa set to take up too much space.

Neutral Big Flower Pattern Love Seat and Sofa

 Image source: Uhuru Furniture

Here is a nice floral seat for the lovers. With the use of earth tones and big flowers, this sofa looks a bit chunky and soft. The fabric looks very smooth to sit on.

Red and White Floral Design

 Image source: All World Furniture

This red and white floral design looks really romantic. You can add some red and white pillows and it can be a perfect place for your catnaps.

Red Floral Couple Chair

 Image source: Uhuru Furniture Philly

Another attractive love seat is this one. Even though it is not Valentines Day, you can sit with your loved one on this chair and talk about your future plans.

Soft Color Floral Pattern Sofa

 Image source: Uhuru Furniture

Unlike the other chunkier sofas that we have seen previously, this sofa has rectangular cushions which make it look sleek and clean. The use of very light colors contributes to the cool feeling that you would most likely get if you sit and rest on it.

Traditional Peach Floral-Print Sofa with Ornate Wood-Carved Accents

 Image source: Furniture From Home

This sofa, may we suggest, is the best choice if you have a big home. It is big, nicely toned with peach and surely soft and comfortable! That wooden carved frame looks really elegant.

Unique Luxury Floral Pattern Sofa

 Image source: Furniture From Home

Almost similar to the previous one is this peach sofa, but this time, it has lesser frame detail which isn’t so bad. If you are after a comfortable and stylish sofa, but not the one that spells “grand”, then this one is perfect for you.

Floral and Spring Blossoms Printed Sofa

 Image source: Plumbs

This floral and blossoms printed sofa is eye-candy. It uses the complementary colors orange and blue and achieves a wonderful, relaxed design.

Mid-Century Floral Sofa

 Image source: Houzz

This mid-century sofa looks rectangular and just like the earlier sofas that we have seen, these types do not occupy too much space and may be placed on corners and next to walls.

Vintage Lazy Boy Sofa

 Image source: Ahf

This vintage lazy boy sofa uses the same hue all over. It achieves a comfortable look with the use of floral prints and thick pillows.