12 Unique Rocking Chairs

12 Unique Rocking Chairs

There is a saying that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Beauty can be found in anything that you see. You can see it above you, like the skies and the birds. You can see it inside a room or in a piece of furniture. Facebook once had a promotional video on something that connected us and they chose chairs. It was a splendid idea. Indeed, chairs connect us because everywhere we go, and whatever we do, we have sit down. Men are beings that were designed to sit down. Sitting down gives us time to rest and to work better. Chairs have become a part of our daily lives. We are used to seeing the traditional type of rocking chairs, but, nowadays, there are several types of rocking chairs to choose from that would fit in any person’s lifestyle. We’ve gathered a mix of unique and ordinary types of rocking chairs that would aesthetically please someone’s eye. Of course, every person’s taste would vary that is why we included the traditional and modern styles of rocking chairs. You’d be glad to know that you can always, always, rock your sitting style.

Black Modern Rocking Chair

Image source: Finnish Design Shop

This is the black, modern rocking chair which has metal legs and the seats is made of plastic. The level of comfort that you could get with this chair is be average because the backrest isn’t reclined enough to accomodate reclining. Because of the seat’s plastic material, you don’t need to worry just in case you spill a cup of soda or coffee. Because of the metal material and the curvy shape of its’ legs, it looks classy.

Green Thinking Chair

Image source: This Next

This piece of furniture from thisnext looks like an alien thinking chair. Its’ shape is very unique and looks like a spaceship. You can imagine an ET sitting on it and thinking how to take over the earth. What it lacks is an armrest and it will be perfect for reading and relaxing. It also has a lamp on top to assist your reading comfort.

Comfortable Group Chair

Image source: Bebessa

It might be your first time to see a couple rocking chair. This clean, white colored piece of furniture is perfect for couples to just hang-out and relax without having to spend much money outdoors. You may also opt to move this around the house and gently fall asleep with your loved one but of course, the bed is always the best option. *wink*

Quickly Rock Me Rocking Chair

Image source: Houzz

This rocking chair is not meant for a long time stay. You can put your infant or toddler in there to rock him a little but be sure to keep an eye on him. Since the comfort level of the seat is low, children would more likely appreciate this Quickly Rock Me Rocking Chair. In case your toddler or infant pees on it, it’s perfectly alright because the seat is made of plastic.

Red Lounge Rocking Chair

Image source: Bajiroo

This red modern rocking chair is something you would see in a pub or lounge. Red is a sexy and strong color. This piece of furniture would be best placed in a modern type of living room. You can also place it in the music room when you just want to spend your “me time” and listen to some cool music.

Romantic White Couple Chair

Image source: Beacont

This rocking chair is perfect for a romantic movie night or for late night talks with your special someone. It is a soft chair which you can rock lightly to keep boredom off.

Simple White Rocking Chair

Image source: Kaisahan

This rocking chair would fit perfectly on your porch, front yard or backyard. It is a clean, white rocking chair that can go well with any kind of fence paint. Since it is in white, you do not have to worry about it destroying the look of your porch or front yard.

The Not-So-Techy Blue Rocking Chair

Image source: Techi

This blue rocking chair has a traditional style to it but guess what? It has a tablet holder which can be perfect for e-book worms. Who says only the present generation can read on ipads and tablets? Even our grandma’s and grandpa’s can keep up gradually with this amazing and convenient technology.

The Red Maple Chair

Image source: Best living Room Designs

This rocking chair has a webbed design which you can add to your porch. It is made of cool material and can be something you can sit on to relax on a summer day.

Traditional Grandma’s Rocking Chair

Image source: 1st Dibs

Wouldn’t you just love to go back to the time when grandparents would sit with their grandchildren on the rocking chair and tell them stories? Well, not all of us can do that anymore because we’ve grown up and some of our grandparents might have already left us. What we can do, though, is to bring back those memories by adding this traditional piece of furniture in your living room.

Unique Red Rocking Chair

Image source: Bebessa

Rocking chairs aren’t just for old people. They are for those who know how to relax and take a break. This red, uniquely shaped rocking chair is perfect for a modern bedroom. It is soft, comfortable, easy to clean and of course, unique.

White Celebrity Rocking Chair

Image source: Chic Tip

Madonna, or say, Lady Gaga would definitely sit on this celebrity rocking chair. It is designed with white fur which gives you a soft sitting experience. Be careful when you bring liquids with you while sitting because this fabric isn’t so easy to clean.