15 Contemporary Glass Coffee Table Designs

15 Contemporary Glass Coffee Table Designs

Naturally, the coffee table is the main actor in the play of the living room, regarding to its function and aesthetic influence in the interior. The coffee table sets up the center in the living room and usually determines the style that is going to prevail in the interior. For getting a contemporary and modern feel to the living room you should consider choosing a coffee table made from a sophisticated and delicate material such as glass. The glass coffee table has the tendency to add an extremely sleek and unique touch. Without any doubt the glass coffee table will stand out in the living room and set up a modern and chic setting of the room. The glass coffee table is also great in terms of energy flow, since the glass will filtrate the bad energy in the room and reflect clean and pure energy. In case you want to replace your coffee table with a new one, check out the below showcase of super creative glass coffee table designs.

Contemporary Glass Top Coffee Table

Image Source: All Modern

The sharp and sleek glass surface in combination with the stainless steel foundation provide this modern square glass table with contemporary and superb appearance.

Curvy Glass Coffee Table


Image Source: India Mart

The curvy detail of both ends adds a specific charm and add a unique and bold signature to this contemporary glass coffee table. The curvy nature of this coffee table will add great visual effect in your living room.

Glass and Wood Coffee Table

Image Source: Archi expo

The combination of wood and glass is great in terms of balance, since the wood warms up the cold appearance that comes from the glass surface. This is a really beautiful and modern glass coffee table.

Glass Coffee Table with Mirror

Image Source: Architonic

The mirror of this amazing and contemporary glass coffee table adds super chic and creative note to its overall appearance. This coffee table will surely stand out in your living room.

Modern Glass Coffee Table

Image Source: Tonelli Design

The simple and yet modern design of this glass coffee table may fit perfectly in every urban and contemporary home. The aditional storage space of this coffee table adds to it functionality.

Octogonal Glass Coffee Table

Image Source: Tonelli Design

This is a really one in a kind glass coffee table by Tonelli. The octogonal design in combination with the glass provides this coffee table with a gemotrical and cool note.

Rectangular Glass Coffee Table

Image Source: Euro Elegance Furniture

The simple rectangular design of this glass coffee table will help you to create a sleek and modern appearance in your living room. This glass coffee table surely will set up a modern appearance in your l iving Room.

Riorni Glass Coffee Table

Image Source: Stricly Comfort

The swirl element at the edge of this amazing glass coffee table provides the same with distinctive and surely bold appearance. This coffee table can surely work as a striking complement to your living room.

Folded Glass Coffee Table

Image Source: Modern Coffee table

A folded design with a wheels made from sleek glass material is a great combination of superb design, high quality material and advanced function, which of course is a bless for every living room.

Spiral Glass Coffee Table

Image Source: Cattelan Italia

This spiral glass coffee table by Cattelan Italia is simply gorgeous and awe inspiring. The distinctive and interesting design of this coffee table will add a great accent in your living room.

Splash Glass Coffee Table

Image Source: Tonelli

This is another superb glass coffee table made by the italian furniture virtouse Tonelli. The splash design of the surface will work as a great visuall effect in the living room.

Swirl Glass Coffee Table

Image Source: GFI Furniture

The curve part in this glass coffee table can be used really wisely, for keeping magazines. This glass table by GFi is surely amazing and will work as a focal point in your living room.

Toneli Glass Coffee Table

Image Source: Tonelli

The distinctive design of this narrow glass table does not meet functionality, but if you want to attain a sleek and contemporary appearance in the living room, then this is the right choice.

Transparent Acrylic with Glass

Image Source: Lucite

Transparent acryllic and glass surface with an outstanding design will help you to attain a modern and contemporary focal point in the living room.

Two Stories Glass Coffee Table

Image Source: Tonin Casa

This two stories glass coffee table by Tonin is extremely modern and beatiful and will surely help for creating an outstanding ambiance in the living room.