15 Creative and Chic Suitcase Chair Designs

15 Creative and Chic Suitcase Chair Designs

Creativity is one of the most precious and valuable characteristic that distinguish the mankind from the other living organisms, creativity is what our world better, modern and easy. The people are prone to turn the unusable item in usable just with a heap of creativity, and that is what is awesome. For instance, transforming an old suitcase into stylish and functional chair is something that only creative mind can do. Fortunately, there are many incredibly creative people who never stop dreaming big and design outstanding and creative items that you can use in your home. Suitcase chair was the ingenious revolution of the famous young designer Katie Thomspon, since then many designers make this super creative combination of suticase chair. Suitcase chair will without any doubt serve as an accent furniture in any room and bring a cool and creative touch in the place. Without any further ado, we are going to present you a showcase of 15 cool and stylish suitcase chair designs. Enjoy!

Antique trunk suticase chair

Image Source: Recreate

The antique design of the trunk adds a rustic and a bold note of this wide and comfortable suitcase chair. The white tufted linen adds a balanced feel and soft up the heavy appearance of the trunk, therefore providing this suitcase chair with tender and sophisticated appearance.

Big Trunk black-linen suitcase chair

Image Source: Recreate

The noisy texture of the navy blue cushion, tufted in the upper part creates super fashionable and chic appearance of the suitcase chair, and the creamy color of the trunk provide the same with lighter and tender note, completing the outlook of this suitcase chair with a super modern and beautiful appearance.

Black Bold Suitcase Chair

Image Source: Una Dona

The black trunk adds a bold and dramatic character of this fantastic suitcase chair and provide it with super sensual and modern appearance. The map print on the cushion provide the suitcase chair with super creative and cool appearance and add to its beauty and modern appeal.

Chic Floral Suitcase Chair

Image Source: Pinterest

The floral cushion adds a romantic and charming character of this amazing and beautiful suitcase chair. The antique and rustic design of the legs provides the chair with more valuable and a bold accent and yet the black antique trunk create a dramatic and bold appearance of the same and completes the amazing and classy appearance of this suitcase chair.

Elegant Striped Suitcase Chair

Image Source: Design Milk

This suticase chair has an elegant, classy and modern appearance thanks to the silky purple linen with stripes. The elegant cushion contrasting the raw and a bit of the industrial nature of the trunk creates a contemporary and cool appearance of this suticase chair.

Green and white suitcase chair

Image Source: Recreate

This is a really adorable and chic suticase chair with classy and natural appearance. The dominance of white contrasting the pale green trunk has created a super fresh and modern outlook of this super cute chair. The white and cream tufted linen adds a fabulous appearance of the chair and provide it with fancy and beautiful note.

Green trunk with navy blue linen suitcase chair

Image Source: Inspiration Green

This is a distinctive and unique design of a suitcase chair. The navy blue leather in combination with the pale green and rustic trunk provide this suitcase chair with modern and chic appereance.

Modern Floral Suitcase Chair

Image Source: AuntKatie

The brown combination with a floral pattern is a genius move for creating a chic and adorable suitcase chair. The tufted design just adds a more adorable and charming note to the suitcase chair.

Modern Suitcase chair

Image Source: Shelterness

This suitcase chair is everything that you want it to be, it has a fresh and modern outlook, distinctive design and cool colors. The damask velvet pattern in a deep green adds a fabulous note of the suitcase chair and the rustic legs provide it with more elegant and sophisticated note.

Pink and White Suitcase Chair

Image Source:  Capetowncreatives

The combination of pink and white is just adorable. The Pink trunk is soft and serene note.

Stylish Suitcase Chair

mage Source: Upcycling

This suitcase chair in a Mid-century style and retro colors has a really beautiful and chic appearance. The patterned cushion adapts perfectly in the all concept of classy mid century suitcase chair.

Upcycled Suitcase Chair

Image Source: recreate

This is a really chic and modern suitcase with cool printed linen and deep color of the trunk. This suitcase will surely stand out in your home and can make a super cool modern statement in the place.

Vintage Beige Suitcase Chair

Image Source: Bob Vila

This is a really classy and modern suitcase chair which can surely provide your home with a statement and a cool and modern appearance. The creamy and warm color of the linen goes perfectly with the caramel brown trunk.

Stylish Floral Suitcase Chair

Image Source: Aunt Catty Ecstatitc

The mini size of the lively floral pattern in bright and ecstatic color will surely provide your home with a cool and bright note.

Suitcase chair black and white

Image Source: Wonderloft

The contrast of black and white colors and modern pattern provide this mini chair with an amazing and super modern appearance.