15 Modern Round Ottoman Designs

15 Modern Round Ottoman Designs

Did you ever think about where you will put up your legs in the living room while you are relaxing in the armchair if there wasn’t for super comfortable ottoman? Fortunately, ottomans exists, and everytime you want to relax and rest your legs you can put them in a cool and modern ottoman. Moreover, ottomans are not only used as a leg rester but they have a whole new purpose in the living room, they can be used as an accent furniture, coffee table, storage keeper any many more. Ottomans come in different shape, size, color and pattern, but in this article we are going to focus on round shaped ottomans. The round shaped ottomans can work as an accent furniture in the living room and provide the place with chic and creative statement. We are going to present you a showcase of modern and creative round ottoman designs which could serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Beautiful Blue Round Ottoman

Image Source: Slumberland

The vibrant blue color of this modern upholstered round ottoman in combination with the dark brown wooden legs provide it with both whimsical and serious appearance which will work for creating a smart and chic ambiance in your home.

Blue Polka Dots Round Ottoman

Image Source: Upholysterjournalmag

The upholstery with the pale blue polka pattern will surely work for providing your home with chic and modern note. This beautiful round ottoman with perky design may surely work as an accent furniture in your living room.

Brown Leather Round Ottoman

Image Source: Wayfair

This is a really beautiful and classy and bold note.

Chevron Round Ottoman

Image Source: Etsy

Knowing how modern and extremely chic the chevron pattern looks in the interiors you can assume that a combination of a chevron pattern and round ottoman is perfect for creating a modern and chic appearance in the living room.

Chic Pink Ottoman

Image Source: Trend Wathcing

This is a great example of how can you use the round ottoman as a coffee table and as a statement furniture in the living room. This extremely chic pink round ottoman will surely work for providing the interior with classy and modern note.

Chic round ottoman with animal print

Image Source: Room and board

The animal print in combination with the big size of this round ottoman will work perfectly for creating an modern and contemporary statement in your home.

Dark Beige Round ottoman

Image Source: Mominizier

The velvet fabric in combination with the round shape and sensual beige color made this ottoman a perfect piece of furniture for creating a modern and chic ambiance in the living room.

Floral round ottoman

Image Source: Wayfair

The floral pattern of this amazing red round ottoman will surely set up a dramatic and bold ambiance in your home and this ottoman will surely work as a statement piece of furniture.

Green tufted Velvet Round Ottoman

Image Source: Catgcidd

The amazing design of this super modern green round ottoman will surely help you to provide your living room with chic and contemporary feel.

Light Blue Round Ottoman

Image Source: balard Designs

The light blue color with tufted design make this round ottoman a perfect piece of furniture. The elegant and classy appearance of this round ottoman will help you to add a bold note in your home.

Modern Round Ottoman

Image Source: Temperature Design

This is another round tufted ottoman with perky green color and tufted design which will surely help you to provide your interiors with chic and modern feel.

Red tufted round Ottoman

Image Source: Temperature Design

The red color of this amazing round ottoman will set up a dramatic and bold appearance in your interiors. This ottoman has a really modern and contemporary design.

Round ottoman with storage

Image Source: Home Decorators

This black leather round ottoman has everything you can ask from an ottoman, it has the modern appearance, the comfortable seat and an extra space for storage. Amazing!

White leather round ottoman

Image Source: Kohls

This is a really amazing and modern round ottoman in white color with perfect designed legs. This ottoman will surely create a beautiful ambiance in your home.

Wicker, Rattan Round Ottoman

Image Source: Grandin Road

The wicker round ottoman may work as a perfect piece of furniture for creating a charming and modern appearance in your home.