17 Awesome Car Inspired Bed Designs for Boys

17 Awesome Car Inspired Bed Designs for Boys

Choosing a theme for a boy’s room is usually easy choice to make, because boy since toddlers find one thing wonderful and inspiring, and that of course is cars. Boys are obsessed with cars just as girls are obsessed with princesses and fairies, it is a sort of a natural gender selection of interests. However, boys tend to show interest in cars and all kinds of vehicle instantly when their cognitive function is developed. Therefore, if you are wondering what kind of bedroom theme will be perfect for your boy, don’t think twice: the answer is easy it is a car themed bedroom. The car bedroom idea is easy to realize, all you need is a car bed. Car inspired bed is the element that will fulfill the boy’s bedroom and a boy’s dream as well. The car inspired bed comes in various size, colors and designs. Below you can check the showcase of 17 car inspired bed for a boy’s room.

Big Car Bed

Image Source: Ebay

This is a really robust and amazing car inspired bed, the rally car will be an awesome element for creating a car themed bedroom for your little boy. This rally car inspired bed will surely work for creating a boyish and cool ambiance in a boy’s bedroom.

Black racing car Bed

Image Source: Avtex Furniture

The black car inspired bed with a cool turbo racing sticker adds more authentic and cool appearance of the same. Aside of the great design this bed looks super comfortable and cozy.

Blue Car Inspired Bed for Boys

Image Source: Over Stock

This is a really cool and lively car inspired bed with a ravishing appearance which will surely bring a cool and outstanding note in your little dare devils roam.

Racing Car Beds For boys

Image Source: Forty Winks

The boyish blue color in combination with the cool design of this racing car inspired bed will certainly add a cool and amazing appearance in your boy’s bedroom.

Car Beds For Toddlers

Image Source: The diseno

This is a really fun and creative car inspired bed which will surely bring a cool and a boyish note in the kid’s bedroom. The light blue color of the bed makes it more adorable and outstanding.

Cool Boy Car bed

Image Source: Amazon

This is another rally racing car inspired bed with awesome and unique design. The robust appearance of this bed will add a striking complement to the boy’s bedroom.

Cool Roll Out Car Bed

Image Source: Ebay

The functionality of this car inspired bed is higher and more on sleep over or even its a perfect idea for twins or shared bedroom.

Ferrari Car Bed

Image Source: Gordon’s furniture

It will be a great experience for your boy to sleep in a car inspired bed with a Ferrari sticker. This bed can surely represent your boy’s bedroom and fulfil your boy’s dream and wish to sleep in a car inspired bed.

Formula Inspired Bed for boys bedroom

Image Source: Blog Lovin

Formula inspired bed is literally every boy’s dream, therefore this bed will make it perfect for a car theme bedroom and will work for providing your boy’s bedroom with cool and lively ambiance.

Car Bedding For Boys

Image Source: Get into bed

Hot Wheels car Inspired Bed for boys

Image Source: Toys rus

The green metallic color of this turbo speed car inspired bed brights up the room and provides the place with cool and outstanding appearance.

Racing Car Bed

Image Source: Gumtree

This is simple and yet cool and interesting red car inspired bed. The big size adds to the functionality and appearance of this super cool car inspired bed.

Sport Car Inspired Bed

Image Source: Wayfair

The lively design of this car inspired bed adds to its beautiful and creative nature. Your boy will certainly be thrilled to sleep in a car like this.

Turbo Car Bed

Image Source: Turbo Beds

The design of this bed is so flawless and amazing that actually white racing car but a car inspired bed.

Turbo F1 Car Bed

Image Source: Wallmart

Turbo f1 car bed with red color and lively and cool stickers will provide your boy’s bedroom with cool and unique appereance.

Twins Car Bed

Image Source: Cool Bedroom Ideas

Two car inspired beds is a perfect solution for boy twins or shared room for boys. The car inspired beds with cars beddings will provide your boy’s room with a cool and unique note.

Yellow Car Inspired Bed for Boys

Image Source: El Kaniho

This is a cool bed with bright yellow color with a unique and fun car inspired design. The design of this car inspired bed is superb and fun.