20 Sophisticated and Girlish Bed Ideas

20 Sophisticated and Girlish Bed Ideas

The bed is the centerpiece of one’s bedroom. It promises a never-ending journey of sleep with you. For children, it is important that they get the right amount of sleep every night because it will determine their performance in school. Parents should always remember that design is important for your child’#8217;s well-being. There are different styles, forms and shapes of bed sheets out there. The bed itself can come in different forms and shapes too. Rilane has gathered some nice, sophisticated and colorful girls’ bed ideas that you can choose from when choosing the sheets and styles of your girl’s bed.

Baby Pink Single Bed with Flower Details

 Image source: The Home Sitter

This baby pink with floral design bed looks very comfortable and inviting. It has a pink-striped sheet and a solid darker shade of pink for the pillow sheet. It doesn’t look too sophisticated but rather simple and clean.

Convertible White Sofa Bed

 Image source: Home Sii

This convertible white sofa bed looks enticing to your guests. Well, not until your little girl’s friends see that this sofa is actually a bed and has an extra pull-out will they be excited for their first sleep over. This convertible bed has some soft touches to it with the use of light pink and yellow colors for the sheets.

Cottony White Princess Bed

 Image source: Pem America Outlet

This Cottony White Princess Bed spells comfort and majesty! With the use of candy colors, pink and purple makes your little girl like a princess while sleeping on the comforters.

Cream Metal Bed

 Image source: Pem America Outlet

This Cream Metal Bed with floral design is also among those soft designs from Pem America Outlet. With the use of pastel colors, this bed looks very comfortable and inviting for your little girl.

Disney Princesses Bed

 Image source: Tiy Boc

Every little girl has her favorite Disney princess. You can find these sheets anywhere in the market and make your daughter feel happy and royal with this Disney princess bed idea.

Fairy Ballerinas Pink Bed

 Image source: Pem America Outlet

You can never go wrong with shades of pink. This soft bed from Pem America Outlet with crown designs looks really neat and sophisticated. Remember that the material of the bed itself is also in baby pink and the head board is white.

Kid’s Butterfly Bed

 Image source: Kids Room Treasures

Our children will never miss out on having their favorite animals. For most girls, butterflies would definitely be among them. We can’t deny that butterflies really look beautiful!!

Pink Female Car Girls Bed

 Image source: Building Scheme

This pink car bed from building scheme looks very cute and friendly. Who says girls can’t dream of hot wheels? The innocent hot wheels! For this type of bed, you can put sheets which are of a different color because this is already pink-heavy.

Pink Hello Kitty Bed

 Image source: Nexpeditor

This pink hello kitty bed will attract every girl. In fact, once they see this style of bed, they’d immediately want you to get these. We can’t deny that hello kitty is a very cute character that every little girl loves.

Pretty Organized White Compartment Bed

 Image source: Evtiel

This pretty organized white compartment bed is the IT item for this collection. Imagine every thing that your little girl needs is right within reach-books, ipad, alarm clock, etc. She can start organizing from day 1.

Purple and Flesh Girl’s Bed

 Image source: Skroutzondeck

This color combination looks vibrant to the eyes. It emits a strong energy with the use of violet colors. Sometimes, you just need to get out of the typical light and baby colors that you use all the time. We have to admit, your babies won’t stay as babies forever, so try to do a little experiment.

Purple Girl’s Bed

 Image source: Skroutzondeck

With the use of stripes and darker colors, this bed tells your girl that she has outgrown the princess and baby stage. It is time to take more adult steps this time.

Royal Princess Bed

 Image source: Giesendesign

This Royal Princess Bed will definitely maker her feel she is a princess! It has a unique curtain on top of her head giving her a feeling of protection and security. She is an important princess after all.

Solid Pink Double Deck Girls Bed

 Image source: Giesen Design

This bed is a mix of simplicity and sophistication. You can get this type of bed for your girl and tell that she can invite her best friend for a sleep over. The vibrant colors also invite fun and classiness in the room.

Sweet Helen Girls Bed

 Image source: Pem America Outlet

With the use of comforter sheets, this bed complements the baby pink base color of the furniture and gives off a relaxing sight to one’s eye.

White Bed with Pink Borders

 Image source: Optea-Referencement

Well, if your toddler has been a fan of flappy bird or angry birds, she doesn’t have to say good bye to them because this bed design idea definitely brings her close to them!

White Rectangular Twin Sized Bed

 Image source: Nexpeditor

If you have two girl kiddos who cannot seem to get enough of each other, this twin bed design is perfect for their fun girl talks!

White Starred Bed

 Image source: Urbani

This low rise bed is designed with some stars on the headboard. The light baby pink sheets match the headboard. It looks really neat and sophisticated.

White Weaved Bed with Purple Sheets

 Image source: Optea-Referencement

The vibrancy of colors used in this bed also invites some good vibes. Although it looks less cool to the eyes, it can be perfect for rooms with air-conditioning systems. aah! Imagine how nice it would be for your little girl to sleep in there.

Wooden Crib-Like Girl’s Bed

 Image source: Hayneedle

This nice brown over pink polka-dotted design looks not too girly or too sophisticated. It is just right to bring out some girl energy in the room.