Espresso Kitchen Cabinets in 12 Sleek and Cool Designs

Espresso Kitchen Cabinets in 12 Sleek and Cool Designs

Kitchen cabinets ought to be functional and decorative at the same time. It is one of the determinant factors for the look of your kitchen. Choosing the right kitchen cabinets can make and break the aesthetics of your kitchen. Look at the bigger picture and ask yourself, what kind of kitchen do I want to achieve? For those who aren’t sure what kind of kitchen cabinets to get, you can check out our previous articles which will provide you with some tips on how to design your kitchen. In the mean time, let’s check out these espresso Kitchen Cabinets in 12 Sleek and Cool Designs which can be safely matched in any type of kitchen. Espresso kitchen cabinets make a bold statement in the kitchen and they are also very useful for storing your condiments. ingredients, pots and pans and kitchen tools.

Awesome Country Espresso Kitchen Cabinet

 Image source: Inool

Espresso Kitchen Cabinets are recommended because just like floating cabinets, they save space and are easily matched with your kitchen design. This kitchen design from Inool matches the espresso kitchen cabinets with the counter and a brown marble countertop.

Awesome Maple Espresso Kitchen Cabinet and Small Tile Backsplash

Image source: Gardenweb

What makes this wonderful kitchen design from Gardenweb very impressive is the lighting system and the bacskplash. In this design, the espresso kitchen cabinet goes well with the neutral tone of the backsplash.

Beautiful Espresso Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

Image source: the cabinet spot

You can also achieve a contrasting look in your kitchen by using lights and darks just like what we see in this kitchen design from The Cabinet Spot. Truly, the espresso kitchen cabinet accentuates the look of this kitchenm making it look more interesting than dull and boring.

Beech Espresso Kitchen Cabinet

Image source: NGYStones

This design from NGYStones is simple yet we can see how the designer used interesting lighting on top if the side bar counter and neutral colors for the backsplash. We can assume that that is a wood covered refrigerator on the right side of the image. Adding red stools also brings life and color to the kitchen.

Brown Espresso Kitchen Cabinets with Brown Backsplash

Image source: Forums

We can see how consistent the designer is with the use of monochromatic colors in this kitchen aside from the black countertop, stove, microwave, coffee maker and oven. We can see a lot of attention went into choosing the accessories and furniture in the kitchen which all contribute to a dark yet classy kitchen area.

Sonoma Maple Espresso Kitchen Cabinet

Image source: A Freak at heart

This espresso kitchen cabinet from A Freak at Heart gives a cool vibe as its color is in contrast with the marble flooring, granite countertop and small tile backsplash. Together, these different elements add some texture and interest in this kitchen design. The espresso cabinet designed with a fogged glass also allows some of the white plates and bowls to be visible, thus adding a white, interesting touch to the cabinet.

Gel Stain Espresso Kitchen Cabinet

Image source: Gretzl

This Espresso Cabinet design from Gretzl is lighter in color. You would have noticed by now that the backsplash is of the same color as the previous designs that you have seen. When you are aiming to achieve a light feeling upon looking at your kitchen, then undoubtedly, choose white equipment for your kitchen.

Glorious White Porcelain Island and Espresso Kitchen Cabinets

Image source: Tovtov

In this kitchen design from Tovtov, the lower cabinets are slightly darker compared to the espresso kitchen cabinets. The neutral backsplash is perfect neutralize the color of the rather dark kitchen cabinets.

Modern Espresso Kitchen Cabinet

Image source: PinkyPanthers

We love the modern look of this kitchen design from PinkyPanthers. The kitchen equipment are in silver and the kitchen cabinets are in a very dark brown color. The walls are in a neutral beige color which matches the flooring.

Oak Espresso Kitchen Cabinet

Image source: kacmkc

We can see a bit of a traditional touch in this kitchen design from kacmkc. The espresso cabinets are in oak and the kitchen looks even better with the natural lighting.

Sonoma Maple Espresso Kitchen Cabinet

Image source: A freak at heart

We love this bright kitchen design from a freak at heart. You can see a relaxed and totally clean design with the use of espresso kitchen cabinets and white backsplash and a countertop and kitchen island table top color bordering between gray and white.

Wonderful Espresso Kitchen Cabinet over Brown Marble Counter Top

Image source: Tovtov

Take a look at an espresso cabinet with an even darker shade. We can see uniformity with the rectangular design of the espresso cabinets which is pretty neat and the brown countertop goes well with the neutral color of the backsplash. Silver is also a very safe color for your kitchen equipment when you do not want to over do the brightness of your kitchen.