Portable Kitchen Islands in 11 Clean White Design

Portable Kitchen Islands in 11 Clean White Design

When things are fixed and immovable around the kitchen, redecorating isn’t as easy. It doesn’t give you the freedom to rearrange your furniture and the things around the kitchen. Thanks to the brilliant minds of interior designers, we have portable kitchen islands that are easy to move around and are very much accessible. Portable kitchen islands allow you to cook with ease and you can store your condiments and ingredients in places that are easy to access, in the portable kitchen island drawers themselves. With these portable kitchen islands, you won’t have to worry if your friends are coming over to help you cook because you know that you always have some extra portable space that you can simply pull when the situation calls for it. Check out these Portable Kitchen Islands in 11 Clean White Design for your inspiration.

Antique Portable White Kitchen Island Design

 Image source: Kuwans

This Antique Portable White Kitchen Design from Kuwans has a nice wood countertop finish and double drawers and a two door cabinet in the front. At the sides, you can see a three tier shelving where you can store your condiments and just grab ’em when you need ’em. The backside is pretty interesting because you have a space for chairs so you can sit down and enjoy your meal after you have prepared it.

Astonishing Solid Black Granite Top Kitchen Cart Island

 Image source: Oovoodesign

If you are one of the busy men and women out there who barely have time to sit down and enjoy their meal, give yourself a break because you will definitely love this Astonishing Solid Black Granite Top Kitchen Cart Island from Oovoodesign. This is a kitchen island on wheels that you can readily pull over to enjoy some cereal which you can also prepare on the cart itself. Astonishing piece of furniture, isn’t it?

Attractive And Fascinating Portable Kitchen Island Design

 Image source: Georgehaas

This Attractive and Fascinating Portable Kitchen Design from Georgehaas is similar to the preceding kitchen island. It is also on wheels so that moving it around the house will not be difficult. Is it too crowded in the kitchen? Perhaps, your nieces and nephews are playing around while their moms are cooking but your extra help is needed in the kitchen? Don’t worry because you can always pull yourself aside and prepare your part of the meal on your own little corner.

Belham Living Concord Kitchen

 Image source: Hayneedle

We love the spacious design of this portable kitchen island from Hayneedle. This Belham Living Concord Kitchen has three spacious drawers where you can store your cooking tools and non-perishable ingredients. It also comes with a tray which you can use to serve your food with ease.

Granite Counter Top Kitchen Island Design

 Image source: thlectures

What we love the most about granite is it’s glossy finish which makes it easier to clean. This Granite Counter Top Kitchen Island from thlectures features a nice storage area and towel rack and a flip over storage where you can store tools and stuff that you commonly use for cooking.

Imposing White Polished Kitchen Island Cart

 Image source: Tovtov

This Imposing White Polished Kitchen island Cart from Tovtov is one of those cool, sleek furniture designs which do not occupy a lot of space but at the same time is totally functional and has almost everything that you need in a kitchen island. It has enough storage for your condiments so it’s easy for you to grab them and there’s no worry that they’ll flip over when you move the cart around with its wheels.

Kitchen Chic Portable Kitchen Island With White Wooden Cabinet

 Image source: Guatacrazynight

We love the neat design of this portable kitchen island from Guatacrazynight. The counterop has a glossy finish and the cabinets and drawers are neatly constructed.

Mahogany Counter Top in White Kitchen Island

 Image source: Wajoce

This portable kitchen island from Wajoce features a nice mahogany countertop matched with bar stools. It is a perfect kitchen island which you can take out for those uncalled for drinking and bonding moments with friends.

Modern Portable Kitchen Island

 Image source: Wajoce

This portable kitchen design from Wajoce is in a dirty white color and has a black glossy counterop for that neutral look. This is also a sleek and portable design with two towel racks for your perusal.

Stylish White wooden Small Portable Kitchen Island

 Image source: Tovtov

Sometimes, you just need the extra space right? That is exactly what this portable kitchen island design from Tovtov brings you. Since it is in a sleek design, it has an extra flip over counter top for additional space for the times when you are preparing a big meal.

Vintage Portable Kitchen Island

 Image source: Giesendesign

If two or more people in the family love to cook, then this portable kitchen island from Giesendesign is ideal for your family. It features a lot of storage space and drawers where you can store your kitchen tools for a happy cooking moment.