10 Awesome Coat Racks and Stands for the Entryway

10 Awesome Coat Racks and Stands for the Entryway

Naturally, as soon as we enter our home, especially in the colder days, when we are wearing layers of clothes, the first thing that comes to our mind is where to leave our coat, bag or umbrella. Thus, a spot, where we can dispose all that stuff right there in the entryway would be very convenient and practical to have. Every entryway needs to own a coat rack or a stand where you can leave your outerwear till the next time you leave home. Of course , the most important thing when choosing a coat rack or stand that fits your hallway style is the practicality and efficiency, but why not combine that with a cool design? Your coat rack doesn’t have to be a simple one, with a conventional design and basic look. You can add charm and vibrancy to your hallway by choosing some creative and unique coat rack. There are tons of distinctive and really original coat rack designs nowadays, which means the choice is endless and you will most certainly find one that will perk up your entryway. Check out these 10 amazing and interesting coat racks and stands that we chose for you, and get inspired into choosing one for yourself. Read on and enjoy!

Cool Vintage Coat Stand

Image Source: Design Buzz

This is one really creative and unique coat stand. With its abstract design is a real attention grabber and is also practical by the way, since it can be used for hanging coats, bags and even disposing shoes.

Old Ladder Coat Stand

 Image Source: Point Blog

You can do this by yourself, by using some old ladders and transforming them into charming shabby coat racks. This DIY project will add some unique charm and character to your entryway.

Electric Green Coat Stand

Image Source: Digs Digs

Why not add some color with your coat stand. This portable coat stand in electric green shade is a great pop of color in this eclectic entryway.

Interesting Coat Stand

Image Source: Digs Digs

The minimalist and modern distinctive design of these coat stands makes them quite catchy and interesting.

Telephone Pole Coat Stand

Image Source: Digs Digs

Such a unique idea, a coat stands inspired by telephone poles. They even have birds on it. Cuteness overload!

Incense Sticks Coat Stand

Image Source: Decoist

Another original idea is a coat stand in the form of incense sticks. This is also a very simple design that can be done in your home by yourself.

Tree Coat Stand

Image Source: Digs Digs

A tree with cut branches to be used as a coat racks. This is an awesome idea that will bring vibrancy and cheerful natural spirit to your entryway.

White Paddle Coat Rack

Image Source: The House by Danube

This cottage inspired entryway is complemented with a white colored paddle which is transformed in a coat rack. A nice and very creative way of hanging your clothes.

Wood Dowels Coat Stand

Image Source: Digs Digs

Another coat rack that can be done at home. You only need to get some wood dowels and tie them together on one side with a rope, and voila- you have an awesomely unique and creative coat stand, to embellish your vintage inspired hallway design.

Colorful Chic Coat Stand

Image Source:Digs Digs

Adorably cute and chic coat stand in a coral peach shade, that fits in this gorgeous and charming hallway just perfectly.