10 Hallway Lighting Design Ideas

10 Hallway Lighting Design Ideas

We pass by it, we walk on it and we can’t help bumping into corners without the right kind of lighting for the hallways. Most of the time, we see hallways as like a long pathway that leads us to another room. We must not fail, however, to realize that we can also do many things with the hallway. We can add furniture and some storage furniture to make it more functional for us. Also, we can design it in a way that we want and add lighting in a manner that we desire. Of course, lighting is important to determine how our hallway would look like. Here are some hallway lighting ideas that you might want to use in your own hallway.

Amazing Modern Hallway Lighting Design

 Image source: Turriglios

This Zig Zaggy lighting design from Turriglios gives the hallway a studio effect. You can see these lights at a studio. They are a bit dim though but offers just the right amount of lighting anyway.

Amazing Wall Lamps Hallway Design

 Image source: Shout Youngs Town

For a simple look similar as you would see in hotels, you can achieve it by putting nice wall lamps in between doors such as this design from Shout Youngs Town.

Chic Fluorescent Light Bulb Ideas In The Corridor

 Image source: Imagefs

Make your hallway look chic and wide at the same time with this lighting design from Imagefs. The lights used in this design has many different layers and gives a wonderful wide and chic effect to the hallway.

Japanese Style Lighting Design

 Image source: Home-Designing

If you want to go for a simple style, well you can follow this lighting design from Home-Designing. The lighting fixture is also very simple yet it is lower to the person and it makes the room look brighter despite the actual size of the lamp. You can put several of these in your wooden hallway to make it look brighter.

Led Lights for Hallway

 Image source: Hammers and Heels

For this picture, let’s just focus on the lighting since this hallway is obviously still under construction. Use white led lights for your hallway if you want to increase the brightness in the room but maintaining a cool atmosphere because the led lights don’t actually heat up so they are pretty safe even if you leave them on overnight.

Magical Hallway Lighting Idea

 Image source: Trendir

If you happen to have a hallway which is all white and almost looks like a hospital, well we do not want that. Therefore, you can add some color to it such as stickers or you can also opt to stain the glass and highlight some curvy areas by outlining the bottom of the curvy area with led lights and it will make the room more interesting and artsy than it was before.

Ship Hallway Lighting Design

 Image source: Turriglios

Most of us might have seen this kind of lighting style from the movie “Titanic”. Yup, most cruise ships have many hallways and they do this kind of lighting. This kind of lighting is really simple but is sure to provide you safety when you walk along the hallway, and the color of the lights also add a bit of drama to the hallway.

Small Three Lamp Chandelier

 Image source: Vobe Interiors

If your hallway doesn’t really look like a long hallway, you wouldn’t need too many lights do you? So for some style and added lighting, you can have a small chandelier with several small lights installed somewhere near the middle of the hallway.

Surprising Star Light Ceiling Lights Hallway Design

 Image source: Skybax

If you have a hallway as spacious as this and you want to achieve a dreamy, elegant kind of lighting for a change, then these star bulbs would look perfect to fill in that really wide ceiling.

Ubiquitous Maxim Malibu light for the Hallway

 Image source: Dejong Dream House

For your hallway, you can also opt to use big ceiling lamps so that you do not have to buy more than five of them. You can get these lamps from Dejong Dream House.