10 Really Amazing Hallway Mirror Designs

10 Really Amazing Hallway Mirror Designs

When decorating a house or apartment, most people concentrate on decorating the rooms, and they tend to neglect their hallway appearance very often. Hallways are the first impression that someone gets when entering your home, so you might as well do what it takes to leave a good one. Your hallway serves as a space that connects the other rooms and should allow the energy and the vibe to flow smoothly when passing from one room to another. You can unleash your imagination in styling your hallway, because this is the space where you don’t spend so much time, so it is a great opportunity to be courageous and to leave a great impact. Adding statement decorative pieces will also add a wow effect in your corridor. For example, mirrors work perfectly in a hallway since they are a great decorative element and they are very practical as well, cause you might want to check out how you look before going out of your home. Choosing a mirror that could serve as an attention grabber in the hallway is not a hard thing to do, since there are millions of different and amazing designs of mirrors to do the work just fine. We have gathered a couple of extraordinary mirrors that will embellish your hallway and will allow it to shine in its full shine. Take a look at them and feel free to steal some of the design ideas if you like them. Read on and enjoy!

Dramatic Hallway Design with Mirror

Image Source: Vk

This statement hallway in monochrome color palette is complemented with some elegant mirror with black frames and classy artistic decorative elements. Together they create the perfect appearance that is dynamic, stylish and incredibly striking. The faux mounted animal head above the mirror is adding a wow-effect to the space.

Sleek Hallway Design with Mirror

Image Source: Jodierosendesign

This hallway looks so chic and sleek and radiates with some fresh, modern and up-to-date appeal. The modern glass console table in front of the huge silver mirror provides a super-stylish appearance, and the chic details, as well as the sparkling chandelier contribute to the sophisticated and cosmopolitan look of the space.

Elegant Hallway Design with Mirror

Image Source: Houzz

This bright and really elegant entryway really gives away a wonderful first impression. The mix of bold white and gray hues give the space freshness and airy feel, and the classy decorative elements, such as the big mirror with white carved wood frame, the dog statue and the chandelier add to the rich and elegant appeal of the hallway.

Statement Hallway Design with Mirror

Image Source: Ventura

So stylish and tasteful, that we adore it! Props to the designer of this hallway, who picked out an unmistakable design of a mirror, striking light fixture and distinctive console table, and mixed them together to get a wonderful hallway setting as an end result. The neutral color palette just accentuates the delicate and sophisticated outline of the space.

Charming Cottage Inspired Hallway Design with Mirror

Image Source: Hgtv

This lovely hallway presents a whole new charming cottage inspired look. Embellished with some floral wallpaper, rustic farmhouse console table, beautiful white mirror design and couple of cottage details, displays an effortlessly wonderful and adorable space.

Artistic Hallway Design with Mirror

Image Source: Johannaeo

We absolutely love the classy and artistic twist, displayed in this striking hallway design. The dark color palette provides an elegant, sophisticated look, and the artistic decorative elements, such as the statues, lots of wall art and details, are accentuated by the striking mirror and that brilliant lavender ottoman.

Chic Hallway Design with Mirror

Image Source: Strokeofluxe

This is one incredibly chic and stylish entryway look. We cant get over those shiny pink upholstered chairs in combination with the animal print on the rug and the low chair, and on top of it- that vibrant chandelier. The mirror just adds a statement and circles this incredible hallway appeal.

Lovely Hallway Design with Mirror

Image Source: Cincosolocinco

So lovely and nice looking hallway, right? Perked out with some fresh blue mint color, sleek mirror-like console table and adorable decorative elements. The lovely white carved wood frame of the mirror gives the final delicate touch of this delightful space.

Modern Rustic Hallway Design with Mirror

Image Source: Decandyou

This fresh and lovely entryway has got the adorable modern rustic touch in it. Round mirror design with some hard wooden frame, native patterned rug and all the rustic decorative elements create the awesome appearance of this eclectic hallway.

Impressive Hallway Design with Mirror

Image Source: Deardesigner

We are stunned by the impressive appeal of this incredible hallway. The statement french style mirror works as a main charmer and attention grabber, and gives the space a rich, refine look. The whole ambiance radiates with style and ultimate sophistication.