10 Unique Staircase Designs to Inspire

10 Unique Staircase Designs to Inspire

Having a house on two or more floors, or maybe even a duplex apartment, means that you are most probably going to have a staircase in your home. Although most of the people don’t put much effort or imagination into the design of their staircase, why don’t you do it and make a statement with it? The staircase doesn’t need to be only useful link between two floors, it can turn your ordinary hallway into a stunning one. Distinctive staircases can add such a character and charm to your home that simply can’t pass by unnoticed. By adding a unique and statement staircase design in your home, you are embellishing your overall home appearance and bringing a wow- effect into the hallway. We have decided to show you our ultimate special staircase designs choice, to inspire you and show you how unique and exceptional they can be and what they can do to your home. So do read on and enjoy!

Stone Staircase Design

Image Source: Surfing Bird

Check out this white stone staircase design, how incredibly smooth and sleek it looks, and the flow that it brings to the space. The appeal of the stones is so trim, it almost puts you in a zen-state.

Floating Staircase Design

Image Source: Bored Panda

Such a modern and contemporary cantilevered staircase design. With its brilliant minimalist appearance, this floating staircase brings ‘less is more’ a whole new different meaning.

Lively Staircase Design

Image Source: Bored Panda

How about adding some statement color to your staircase design? With its distinctive appearance and a catchy bold yellow color, this staircase brings vivacious energy and vibe to this hallway.

Slide and Staircase Design

Image Source: Bored Panda

Why use the staircase when you can slide down? Release your inner child and even more, let your children enjoy the ride down, by adding a slide next to your staircase. This is an absolutely adorable and fun idea.

Cantilevered Staircase Design

Image Source: Stairporn

Such a unique and one-of-a-kind staircase design. This cantilevered staircase wows with its special appeal and makes such a statement in this bold hallway. Props to the designer of it.

Spiral Plexiglass Staircase Design

Image Source: Dintelo

This spiral plexiglass staircase has such a modern futuristic design. With its unique and peculiar appeal, brings a whole new look to this contemporary hallway.

Swirl Staircase Design

Image Source: Bored Panda

Wow! This staircase is just an ordinary staircase, but looks so different and so unique. With its visually prolonged swirled stairs and distinctive stair railing, it catches so much attention and makes quite a statement.

Sloping Staircase Design

Image Source: Bored Panda

This may not seem like the most practical staircase in the world, but it is most certainly a very unique one. With its distinctive design, it brings dynamic ambiance and energy to the space.

Dramatic Staircase Design

Image Source: Bored Panda

Now, this staircase looks like it is made outer space! We may haven’t seen more unique, rather peculiar staircase design. If you want to achieve the wow-effect with your staircase, this is the way you do it.

Metal Staircase Design

Image Source: Bored Panda

This minimalist metal staircase doesn’t seem like very practical and comfortable to walk on, but it definitely is an eye-catcher and brings distinctive charm to this spot. Very eclectic and interesting indeed.